Transparency, environmentally friendly production and innovative textiles: the denim industry deals with new challenges – which are faced as an optimistic international blue network.

With over 100 major international brands, the BLUEZONE has positioned itself as the initiator of an outstandingly strong and innovative denim community. Answering to a conscious consumerism approach and a growing interest for ready-made solutions, offering future-oriented products, state-of-the-art technological processes and complex functionalities.

 “As we and the entire industry strive for continuous improvement, BLUEZONE presents the latest developments in the denim sector cross-seasonal. As one of the world’s leading denim shows, which has long been providing environmentally conscious solutions to the industry, BLUEZONE’s success is the result of joint efforts and a willingness to change and take new initiatives.”

Panos Sofianos, Denim Curator BLUEZONE

Reject egoism, follow ECOISM – the current BLUEZONE stands for a call for togetherness and collaboration for the good of our planet. With our ECOISM movement, we, as a blue community, show the upheavals in the industry and solutions related to climate change.

These and other relevant themes for the denim market will be deepened in numerous lectures and international panel discussions on the long wooden panel in the centre of the BLUEZONE, which offers space for direct exchange and personal dialogue.

“I deeply believe that our world needs a strong change. We cannot use all the resources our planet has given us. If our statesmen cannot show us the way for a better world, then, WE need to show them how to achieve this. By being altruistic, consuming less, and focusing on other’s wellness, rather than on our own material comfort.“

Lucie Germser, Monsieur T.

BLUEZONE: 4 – 5 February 2020

MUNICH FABRIC START: 4 – 6 February 2020