Predicting upcoming trends is all about context, society and art’s observation and analysis. As young talents are recently drawing their inspiration from the 80’s, Bluezone has decided to follow this specific path and offer to its visitors 80’s dedicated cool gifts. THE BLUE TAPE is 45 minutes of 80’s inspired Electro, exclusively composed by JCBM for Bluezone and recorded on a real tape, just like in the good old days. Julien C.B.M Berland is a French multi-instrumentalist record producer, specialized in arrangement, composition and music production. Remotely from the vibrant Lisbon scene he accompanies artists with his palette of electronic instruments to develop their sound as well as crafting soundscapes to an array of bespoke needs. “Future Thread”, “Plastic Ocean”, “Cyan Fire”… his tracks’ message is all about Denim & Sustainability.

THE BLUE TAPE by JCBM is also available to download at and

The Blue Tape (Bluezone x Munich Fabric Start)
Remote Record Producer, Arranger, Composer, Production Engineer, Pianist, Guitarist, Percussionist, Synthesizer & Drum Machine Explorer _ Personal projects: @LarryQuest @BlindPatterns Half of @LEFA

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