“The future is now. Brave and blue” With this statement BLUEZONE kicked off 2019. The overarching topic B.L.U.E.C.H.A.I.N 4.0 gave a clear signal for more transparency, resource-saving process solutions and conscious consumption.

Sustainability, technology and digitalization were therefore the predominant subjects for discussion – both at the stands and in the round table discussions lead by noteworthy panelists at the DENIM DOCK at BLUEZONE.

Here, Sabine Kühnl from Sportswear International discussed with Maria Hunstig from German Vogue and Denim Blogger Kelly Harrington about new consumer demands and their impact on today’s supply chains. Angela Velasquez from US magazine Rivet & Jeans, among others, talked with industry experts about the potential for circular economies and nearshoring for the German denim industry.

Recycling, sustainability and circular economies are the defining features which are essential to many of the collections already displayed by BLUEZONE exhibitors, proving just how much the denim industry, across all of its sectors, are now also focusing on sustainability. The industry is being put through an acid test and not only because of rising public awareness about the environmental impact of apparel producers. Digitalization is also putting pressure on previously proven business models to change.

With its Ready Made Solutions (RMS), the BLUEZONE caters to an increasingly important demand for manufacturing and sourcing. Especially relevant lines were exhibited by SC Ready Garment Technology, Lotus Garments, Denim Authority, and Pagada, to name but a few vendors.

Other highlights included the ‘FADES EXHIBITION‘ a presentation by Ruedi. Providing an inspirational backdrop for the event artist Anna Weber, founder of Artworks & Denim, presented her very unique and inspirational ‘Denim Art Exhibition‘. You will find another great recap of BLUEZONEs denim exhibiton at LONG JOHN.

Gallery: FADES EXHIBITON by Ruedi (1) / Artworks & Denim by Anna Weber (2,3)

In Munich, BLUEZONE has emerged as a forum that mirrors the entire supply chain ever more clearly and in more detail. This includes new technologies and process solutions, creativity all the way down to end users and, of course, all the information related to innovative, resource-saving materials.