Adamant Textile researches possibilities of combining concrete with textiles. In addition to this, textile designer Ronja Schweiger is also interested in the replacement potential of the properties of these two contrasting raw materials as well as how textiles and concrete mutually influence each other.

“Adamant Textile studies design options for concrete fused with textiles with the aim of creating unexpected design features and material characteristics by the symbiosis of material properties,” says Schweiger summing up her development approach.

Depending on the exact properties of the textiles used, flexibility or tension, elasticity or dynamics can be generated. In a series of experiments, Schweiger has investigated techniques, methods and material qualities and has been able to prove that an unusual material symbiosis can meet even demanding requirements. The decisive factors are the textile materials, the connection between concrete and textiles and the treatment of the object surfaces.

Likewise, the way in which the critical components are fused allows a variety of properties to be achieved as a result. These can range from organic to geometric, depending on whether the object is in motion or static. With her analysis of the interaction possibilities of textiles and concrete, Schweiger is doing basic research that is just beginning to give us an idea of the innovative design and high-impact possibilities that this technology will offer.