Sun Lee was already a successful designer in Korea when she realized the responsibility of her profession. Her clothes adorned the shop windows of large department stores – with a huge range of consumer goods. When Lee realized this, she questioned the basis of her work: How is clothing produced? And why? With her new collection, she addresses the transience of fashion and of life.

„I want to bring back the culture of craft to our consumer society.“ Sun Lee, Fashion Designer.

“Consumption of Heritage” questions the values of consumers, producers and the conventional fashion system. With a glimpse into the past, into its Korean heritage, Lee places design in a new context. With Hansan Mosi fabric and Hanji paper, her creations provoke a dialogue between two traditions of Korean craftsmanship. The versatile, thin fabrics are extracted from the ramie nettle plant and the bark of the mulberry tree. Lee consumes the history of its homeland, recalls tried and tested production methods and materials and translates them into a contemporary form. The Capsule Collection comprises combined in different looks and silhouettes. After the use phase, the pieces can be composted, closing the cycle. Transience in its most beautiful form.