FABRIC DAYS will take place from 1 – 3 September 2020 at MOC Munich. In the four fully booked halls on the ground floor of the MOC, around 300 German and European exhibitors in 5 segments will present their new developments for Autumn.Winter 21/22 in around 700 collections. Among the international exhibitors who have confirmed their FABRIC DAYS participation are also many premium suppliers who will present their novelties in the Denim, Sportswear and Innovations areas.

Register today for FABRIC DAYS – your chance to meet your suppliers in person again and gather trend information and inspiration in addition to the latest developments. Discover some of the participating Denim, Sportswear & Innovations exhibitors here:


BOSSA – H1 | B 21

Bossa strives to promote responsible change in the industry. With the D-CHRONICLES concept, a collaboration between Bossa and Fibretrace, Bossa views the future of sustainability as: transparency, trust and traceability. The concept uses the blockchain based ID system by Fibretrace technology, which follows a product from farm to shelf and chronicles its history securely with blockchain. Bossa, which has transparently detailed its production figures for the last three years with “Towards Zero Waste” booklet, will continue to report its production values annually. The Turkish textile company has increased the use of recycled fibers in the raw material blend required for denim fabric and is starting to use all of its textile waste in its blends by restructuring or cleaning them which are next steps “Towards Zero Waste”.

The Autumn.Winter 21/22 collection at Bossa is divided into 5 groups: The first concept, “Heritage”, is inspired by denim origins in combination with technology innovation. The super soft and performance denims of the second concept “Workout” bridge the gap between regular denim and active wear. The “Luxury shades” concept includes premium denims with natural elegance through new fibers, clean surfaces, draping and silhouettes. Timeless jeans in dark tones are presented in the forth concept “Dark Side”. Bossa created different denim combinations with warm colours for cold days in the fifth concept “Fall in Love”.

KILIM DENIM  – H1 | C 20

The Kilim Denim Autumn.Winter 21/22 collection focuses on combining new shades and trendy finishes with functional and innovative solutions. Developing new collections involves research and challenging the boundaries of design and technology. With every season, Kilim Denim operates under high environmental and social standards. The Turkish weaving factory highlights the “Vintage Core” and “Shape Core” collections that present high elasticity with trendy looks. The “1986” and “Ageless” collections reflect the vintage and positive sense of the 80s and 90s era. The “Recreate” collection is produced from recycled yarns due to Kilim Denim’s confidence in a circular economy and acute responsibility to use resources respectfully. The newly developed Cactus process, which is certified by Intertek, also minimizes water usage.


From the makers of DRY INDIGO® comes… DRY BLACK®, the Sustainable Denim Revolution now available in black! After the development and launch of Dry Indigo® – a unique foam dyeing technology that allows to dye Indigo Yarn with zero water – Tejidos Royo decided to go one step further. After more than a year of R&D, Tejidos Royo has managed to adapt the revolutionary foam dyeing technology to Black Denim. Tejidos Royo is now able to dye denim in sulphur black with no water usage in the dyeing process, and more importantly, no need to clean the water after dyeing. The Spanish fabric manufacturer is able to control the sulfur, the intensity and the fixation of the colour. DRY BLACK® is certified by the Textile Research Institute AITEX as an eco and sustainable Black Yarn Dyeing process. The achievement of this technology: 99% less water usage in dyeing, 52% less chemical usage, 72% reduced energy usage, 0% water discharge. Tejidos Royo always bets on innovation and 360º sustainability. “Our goal is to give the market the best product without permanent harmful effects for the environment. We develop trendy, innovative and sustainable fabrics. We create fabrics with values and this pioneering and ecological technology DRY DYE is the way to revolutionize the global production of denim.” DRY BLACK® – BLACK TO THE FUTURE.



RenTec.one specialise in the renaturation of leather scraps from the tanning industry. The processes eliminate up to 95% of the received leather waste and transform the raw materials into various re-useable forms: yarns, woven fabrics or textiles for direct cutting. Due to the chemical and physiological properties of collagen in leather and the separation of remaining fat content, the RenTec.one leather yarns contain a natural sanitizing property, which notably helps to cure neuritis, neurodermitis, foot cracks and stench.

HOUSE OF U – H1 | D 05

House of U, a digital textile printing company based in the Netherlands, has been working to tackle their chemical, water, and energy consumption in addition to offering a wide range of sustainable materials to print on. The print house introduces low impact printing with the aim to achieve bold colours while phasing out harmful chemicals – and thus helps clients achieve rich and deep colours by using certified inks on a wide range of sustainable fabrics. With an online platform and digital colour management, House of U offers designers creative freedom to product their high-quality prints. Customers can upload their designs online, pick the fabric of their choice and order without any minimum order quantity. The company’s processes and methods consist of pre-treatment, printing, and the finishing of the materials. House of U’s digital printing method reduces water consumption by 70% in comparison to screen printing. All inks used in the printing process of natural fibres are GOTS certified, water-based inks. This applies to all chemicals used in the pre-treatment of the fabrics (coating) and in the post treatment (after printing).


For more than 15 years smartfiber AG offers high quality, skin-friendly natural fibers for sustainable textiles with the name SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive. Thanks to the natural additives algae or zinc the fibers of smartfiber AG are the basis of numerous fashion and home textiles for international brands which consider sustainability as a matter of course. The fibers are based on cellulose. Due to the additives from algae in SeaCell™ or zinc in smartcel™ sensitive the fibers gain extraordinary properties. Thus, the fibers are particularly skin-friendly and stand for environmental friendliness and saving resources.




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