Someone goes hunting – and returns with a bag full of plastic. This scenario, which Jeannette Lili Weiss creates with her project “Foreign Foraging”, is not so far away from reality. The authors of a study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation warned three years ago that by 2050, plastic waste in the sea could weigh more than all schools of fish put together. With “Foreign Foraging”, the artist and designer poetically addresses the complex problem of scarcity and abundance in times of climate change.

„I use poetry and design to address environmental issues. In that way, I hope to reach people on an emotional level and to make them care.“ Jeannette Lili Weiss, Artist and designer

Two woven carpets of recycled fishing nets and plastic elements from the sea are accompanied by a poem telling the story of a transformation: While resources are becoming scarcer and the lives of many animals are threatened, plastic is abundant. The ocean changes from a source of food to a source of material and confronts humans with the question: What can still be hunted in this increasingly man-made nature? Weiss’ answer is both visually appealing and frightening.

As I take what I find, I work with what the sea spits out. I collect traces of humankind.
(Extract from the poem „I am a forager“)