The price of milk production has risen. The consequences for farmers in the US state of Conneticut, which is known for its dairy industry, are noticeable. To test new revenue opportunities, the TILL: (Today’s Industrial Living Landscapes) studio has asked New York based designer Gal Yakobovitch to test the use of milk in fashion. The idea was implemented in the bioFASHIONtech Lab in Stamford.

„The most important aspect of sustainable Design in my eyes is communication. Collaborative work and process sharing are the foundations of innovative design practices.“ Gal Yakobovitch, Designer

The milk protein Casein is already used for the production of hard plastic. This inspired Yakobovitch to develop a water-repellent coating for clothing. The result is CT Dairy: In collaboration with a local farm called Shaggy Coos, Yakobovitch developed sustainable unisex workwear from vegetable-dyed, second-hand t-shirts. She combined the fabric elements in a patchwork technique to form an apron dress and a trouser-shirt combination and coated them with milk. The rubber-like cover emphasises the comic-like prints of the t shirts and creates a contemporary look.