Against the backdrop of a dark solid wood cabinet sits Genovaite with knitting needles in her hand. The wool socks in gaudy orange contrast starkly with the shy smile of the 76-year old. For her knitting is a chance to relax. But the logo “Human Power” gracing the sock leg suggests that there is more to this than just knitwear. As “looper” of the Loop Collaboration Studios she is part of a movement that wishes to change and develop society further.

This collaboration originates from Lithuania where social minorities find it difficult to integrate in society and find local employment. Master student Ieva Uzkurataite made it her own task to fight this injustice with a creative strategy.

With her initiative she wants to give people with expertise and passion a professional voice and access to the fashion sector.

To this end the Studio “speaks” a language that is visually adapted to the contemporary design industry and serves media channels to address local and international markets. Ieva’s vision is to unite two social groups currently far apart in order to create a better world for all.