GU QIONG emphasizes the object character of the clothing

Clothes are constructed. Where should which seam sit, at which height should the pockets be, lapels yes or no? Decisions are made based on all these questions in the design process – in the industry as well as in haute couture. In everyday use, these design details are pushed into the background, forgotten. What remains is a textile shell that covers the body. With her project “Seamline”, Gu Qiong emphasizes the object character of the clothing by emphasizing seams with quilting and glowing yarns. In her choice of colours, she refers to the teachings of traditional Chinese philosophy.

„The usual pattern and look oft he clothes has made us so familiar with them that we often take them for granted and take less notice of their composition and temper as a subject. Indeed, they have!“ Gu Qiong

Wood, fire, metal, water and earth are the basis of the Five Elements theory, according to which all things can be categorised into these five basic elements. Directly derived from nature, they describe all life under the aspects of becoming, transformation and decay. Yellow stands for metal, green for wood, blue for water, brown for the earth and red for fire. They all stand in relation to each other and are dependent on the balance of nature. On the transparent organza of the linear collection pieces, the construction lines emerge through the colourfulness. In a poetic way, they symbolize the individual character of the clothing, an emotional product that is constantly in a relationship with nature.