Rock formations and bacteria cultures are fascinating sources of inspiration for novel design approaches in the wide segment of ADDITIONALS for Spring.Summer 20. This is how a natural rustic feel emerges – “up-fashioned” by playful blurredness.

This is contrasted with a rich, shimmering world of striking styling elements characterized by metallic highlights. As a result of these high-impact fashion images buttons, & tapes, laces, embroidery, appliqués, fasteners and lining fabrics retain their independence despite all their complexity.

This varied spectrum of new fashion directions is reflected by the trend forum conceived from and designed with lots of passion. Staged in the Foyer of the ADDITIONALS Halls as a lifestyle scenery following on from the TREND FORUMS for the FABRICS ZONE it showcases the latest fabrics, stylings and colours of the 2020 season. How the trend stories for summer are individually translated and transposed into concrete products has been demonstrated by the over 200 ADDITIONALS suppliers with their latest product developments in Halls 1 + 2 of the MOC.

‘Naturalness with a comforting brightness and freshness as a counter pole for rich designs and materials – this is how Additionals for Spring.Summer 2020 are positioned in this electrifying field of tension. At times rugged wood, linen, cotton, and leather, at others in chunky metals in shiny gold and silver.’ Olivia Rudschewski, SO|GUSH