ADDITIONALS – findings rank ever higher in fashion. Especially in times of high-tech materials and unforeseen technical possibilities such as 3D printing the special appeal often lies in the detail. Trims, zippers, buttons or labels not only serve an important purpose but also increasingly serve as eye-catchers – the icing on the cake of zeitgeist styling, as it were.

New technology, adhesives and innovative materials make high-tech fashion wearable serving as enablers for their holistic functions.

Highlighting the “real art” and beauty of these “little helpers” in detail, and place them in a different context was the idea inspiring a series of photographs by the Cologne photographer André Nattermann.
A new approach to making these “little ones” really big. In close cooperation with our Additionals creative team So|Gush headed by Olivia Rudschewski as well as our Creative Director Frank Junker an impressive ADDITIONALS photo series emerged, which we are exhibiting in the form of a gallery at Foyer 1.

Embedded in this exhibition will be the ADDITIONALS highlights – arranged competently and with loving attention to detail at the Trend Forums. To this end hundreds of articles submitted by the approx. About 200 ADDITIONALS exhibitors were carefully studied, curated, assigned to trend themes and decorated.
This has again resulted in a high-impact and holistically modern statement for the 19 Summer season. See “Die Kunst liegt im Detail/ The Art is in the Detail” with us at Foyer 1.