The ADDITIONALS for Autumn. Winter 20/21 with their expressive and diverse nature benefit from the prospects of two different topics. There’s the world of BOLD EXPRESSIONS with oversized, unexpected shapes, loud colours and experimental materials. Everything is reimagined. The results are classic shapes in new materials and eccentric colours in combination with luxurious finishes. This is all about design and experimentation. And then there is the inverse world of FORWARD ETHICS with soft tones. Recycling and upcycling of ocean waste and plastic are some of the themes discussed here. Always on the lookout for new solutions and materials, with sustainable and clean production methods. Transparency throughout the different stages and procurement channels is very important here.

ADDITIONALS for Autumn.Winter 20/21 will serve two themed worlds. On the one hand theloud, over-consumption whichuses fashion as an expression of personality and as instrument of individualization. The counterpart to this is a very deliberate, reflective view of sustainability and transparency. An increasing awareness of what, where and how, based on the ‘Who Made My Clothes’ movement is influencingthe product segments of ADDITIONALS.“ Olivia Rudschewski, SO|GUSH

Interviews with Accessories & Trims Manufacturer:


What are your key topics this season?
For autumn/winter 2021 our key trends include functional hardware, chunky buckles with playful material and colour combinations. Voluminous and sculptural forms exude elegance through high gloss fi nishes. Sportswear details have technically tactile surfaces, while more feminine sportswear trims encapsulate a futuristic soft ness with surfaces that mimic artifi cial skins.

How much does sustainability feature in your collection?
Sustainable developments are our main and ongoing priority. We are a proud bluesign® system partner, our polyester items have been bluesign® approved. Our sustainable metal finishes are made without electroplating and have been SGS audited and certified. To us, reflection is equally important as looking to the future is; we need to understand the use of materials such as plastic and its disposal in order to create thoughtful and eff ective solutions. As a result, we offer trims made from Recycled Ocean Plastic and Recycled Leather as well as materials recycled from factory wastage such as TPE and Nylon. Our Biodegradable Plastic trims ensure that our environmental footprint is reduced.

How important is functionality in your product range?
Design and functionality have become a hybrid; our collections are created with forward thinking innovation and inventiveness without boundaries. We not only create fresh branding solutions, but new ways of applying trims, combining multiple functions to create streamlined solutions for our customers garments.


What is the main focus of the season for you?
The upcoming fall/ winter 2020/21 collection at Estro focuses on products made using sustainable materials and techniques.

How much is sustainability featured in your collection?
We make hang tags from recycled egg shells, paper from limestone powder, accessories from recycled leather and ribbons made from 100% recycled cotton. There is a lot of news in the world of Tech Sport and Urban Dress. For example, accessories from new rubber yarns with fantastic three-dimensional effects which are produced using new micro-injection and transfer techniques. Also our buttons follow the trend ‘Natural’. For instance, new buttons are made from waste and remnants of sugar paper.


What is the main focus of the season for you?
The collection that we are introducing is a mixture of styles that is intended to show what we are able to realize to give a touch of originality and character to all the ideas that the customer brings to us.

How much is sustainability featured in your collection?
The selection of high quality materials, the careful attention to design and application detail allows us to develop products for the most demanding customers.

How important is functionality in your product range?
This collection is an indication of our operational capabilities, the theme and inspiration are diversified thanks to the combination of our various productive typologies, which take into account the diverse demands of fashion trends. In addition, we are focused on functional products with a specific focus on innovation and offering new materials, always considering the latest processes.

Some impressions from MUNICH FABRIC START Autumn.Winter 2020/21: