With much dynamism, mindfulness and courage to embrace new ways, we look at the new AUTUMN.WINTER 20/21 season entitled BEYOND AWARE.

BEYOND AWARE stands for the multifaceted levels of consciousness in which we perceive ourselves and the world – personally, globally, culturally, mentally, rationally, emotionally and even transcendentally. It focuses on self-perception as well as a consideration for the status quo which emerges a thinking and rethinking that goes beyond fashion and our world today. BEYOND AWARE challenges us to take a closer look at our world, our relationships and in particular, the current developments between fashion and end consumers.

Trends are no longer one size fits all. The market is moving away from standalone trends and towards curated shopping experiences with products that not only fulfi l the consumer’s outlook but also in terms of content. Inclusive to both, in store as well as online stores. Ideologies are becoming clearer, more precise, personal and more relevant to buying decisions than ever before. For AUTUMN.WINTER 20/21, two fundamentally different ways of looking at clothing has determined the trends at MUNICH FABRIC START. Both characteristics are based on different principles and contents, on the one hand conspicuously profound, on the other hand superfi cially fun oriented. More than we have witnessed before, the textile industry and ist customers will divide into these two ideologies.

For us, this division is a departure towards a new, clear change in trends and values. BEYOND AWARE develops two ideologies that are guided by different values. The two ideologies titled BOLD EXPRESSIONS and FORWARD ETHICS will each present three focused topics.


– re street
– talk to me
– ordinary innovations

BOLD EXPRESSIONS shares the carefree enjoyment of fashion as an expression of personality and individuality. Strong visual themes give casual, street and classic looks a new twist. Fashion is part of the lifestyle – irrespective of sacrifi ce. We think less, sometimes more or not at all about what is behind a garment. Here fashion is in the foreground and makes statements, regardless of diverging social movements. In these topics all fashion enthusiasts are equal.

BOLD EXPRESSIONS is presented predominantly in intense, cheerful and sporty colours. Primary colours are very much popular in street and sportswear themes. An affinity for retro revives cool greens and lilacs. Classic looks get a new aesthetic from the beauty and sports sectors.


– vive la mondialisation
– tech of me care
– wise & woke

With a visionary approach, a consideration for world views and revolutionary implementation concepts, FORWARD ETHICS presents the direct opposite of the impulsive consumer. It stands for a growing buyer’s mentality of Future Friday People, Young Utopians (Nonviolent Activist Camp), Ecological Natives, GLBTQ‘s and other like-mindedpeople. Recycled marine liaer, circular production, sustainable materials – everything is connected and promotes meaningful consumption. At the heart of Serious Wearer‘s outlook and actions are appreciation, reflection, transparent communication and an awareness for the world as a whole, in both our textile and material worlds.

FORWARD ETHICS is less colourful, neutral and almost classic. Dark, classic colours still serve as the foundation, while delicate,light tones are important in the more emotional presentation of technical surfaces and materials. Slightly graying mid-colours, produced by recycling and natural colouring, make sustainability visible.