In today’s ever-changing denim business, weavers, producers and manufacturers are exposed to the end consumer and need to develop marketing and communication skills in a similar way to denimbrands. Until recently, an invisible border separated the players in the denim industry from the end consumer. Today, open-minded and curious customers not only demand that brands become more transparent but also the producers.

Brands are also handing over more and more responsibilities: New communication channels, fully transparent production chains and new consumer behaviour present the denim industry with new opportunities and challenges. It is precisely in this interactivity that the new connection for working together with end consumers lies. Blockchain, transparent circulation concepts and social media combine to form new standards that the industry must set itself. Weavers and manufacturers are part of an ALL RELATED chain of global value changes in society.

In a strong initiative of creativity, cooperation, partnership, transparency and responsibility, the ALL REALTED COLLAB PROJECT shows a sustainable denim outfit per trend direction for the denim market in eight participating teams.

“Behind ALL RELATED is the appeal to manufacturers to behave like a brand. At the same time, ALL RELATED overall strategic concept offers appropriate solutions: end customers and manufacturers are currently more closely linked than ever and are no longer developing into two separate worlds. This fundamentally changes the visions and goals of the manufacturers. Today, every modern denim manufacturer has to have its own DNA and tell stories like a brand. BLUEZONE shows on concrete full-scale cooperation examples how this project can successfully succeed!” Tilman Wröbel, Monsieur T.


THE ALL RELATED COLLAB PROJECT is a unique, unprecedented collective project! Professionals from across the denim supply chain have joined forces to showcase the creative possibilities around Denim & Co in a new dimension. Create new, visionary silhouettes.

“For the last ten years, I have had the opportunity to work with many geniuses in the textile and fashion industry. With fabric and additionals suppliers, with laundries and decision-makers from the confectionery industry, with sales representatives, designers, magazines and trade fairs. In the process, I have found that the vast majority of these professionals, despite their amazing know-how, do not cooperate.“ Lucie Germser, Head of Communication & Design, Monsieur T

Under the guidance of eight renowned denim designers, full-scale teams with different creative and concept approaches have emerged that have developed surprising and innovative looks and outfits under the premise of sustainability.

BLUEZONE, one of the largest international denim shows, has created a platform that brings together professionals passing their know-how. Here networking takes place in a new dimension. BLUEZONE is the ideal forum to shape the future of denim. This is where great design comes from combining creative and different ideas and concepts. With ALL RELATED COLLAB we go one step further. This project is an unprecedented initiative in which 33 BLUEZONE exhibitors and designers have the opportunity to create eight explosive, sustainable and innovative denim silhouettes.“ Lucie Germser


Below we present the eight participating teams of the ALL RELATED COLLAB PROJECT, who have realized a sustainable denim outfit for the denim trends with their ideas and cooperations:


IDEA: How is gender embodied in clothing? How is this gendered corporeality to be understood? Does clothing provide us with an instrument to question, reflect and reinvent the normative bodies of the genre? GENDER FREEDOM answers these questions.
DESIGN: Thierry Le Lan has been working with denim for 20 years. With the possibilities of the fabric, with different washing and dyeing techniques. Today, he is chief designer of Bleu de Cocagne, a French company known for using the traditional Woad dye.
PRODUCTION: Era Denim is a GOTS certified company from Turkey that uses only sustainable materials. Produces water and energy saving and dispenses with the use of chemicals.
FABRICS: Santanderina is one of the leading European weavers based in Spain. The company produces a traceable vertical system, from spinning to drafting, weaving and finishing to coating and printing.
ADDITIONALS: Nilorn is a global, traditional company that offers bespoke branding, design, product development and logistics solutions. Nilorn is a bluesign ® system partner and also holds other certificates such as FSC, RCS and Ökotex 100 class1.


IDEA: How many messages are in a garment? How sustainable are they in a world of social media and text messaging? These burning questions have given rise to an oversized look with a poncho, XXL shirt and ultra- wide jeans. Printed with eco-ink on sustainable denim, treated with anhydrous solutions.
DESIGN: Tilmann Wröbel, founder and creative director of the Monsieur T. Trend and Styling officebased in Biarritz, began his fashion career in French Haute Couture. The passion for the blue fabric he discovered in the 80s. As a denim expert Tilmann Wröbel advises international brands today.
PRODUCTION: Dr. Bock Industries was founded in 1984 in Germany and now produces throughout Europe. The focus is on premium brand pants. In addition to a sustainable production method, the company strategy also includes a high quality standard and a comprehensive service program for the international customer base.
FABRICS: ORTA stands for transparency, commitment and reliability. Founded in Turkey in 1953, the company cooperates on sustainability with Biodesign Challenge (BDC). Today Orta is one of the leading sustainably producing denim suppliers.
ADDITIONALS: Nilorn, a specialist in labels, packaging and ingredients, works with Panama Trimmings, a leading Italian label manufacturer, to provide the ingredients for this theme. Panama Trimmings is one of the companies with the largest selection of environmentally friendly labels.


IDEA: This theme features denim that does not look like denim and the allure of screen divas like Diana Vreeland and Katharine Hepburn, who wore men‘s clothes with unparalleled femininity. Inspired by the Woman Worker Suit of Neps Denim and a low percentage of wool, this look has evolved into a pleated skirt, battle dress jacket and a feminine lavender shirt made of light indigo.
DESIGN: Beatrice Gonzadi, Head of Denim Dept for the French label Kaporal, discovered her passion for denim after her beginnings in Haute Couture, especially for indigo and ist dyeing and washing processes. Her personal concern is to combine Haute Couture silhouettes and craftsmanship with industrialized manufacturing processes.
PRODUCTION: Denim Authority was founded in 1974 in Tunisia by Lee Cooper International. Today, the company offers a creative and innovative product range and many years of know-how in order to promote exclusive technical developments.
FABRICS: Berto was founded in 1887 by Giuseppe and Egidi Berto. First as a manufacturer of sailboats, detached from workwear and home textiles. Today, Berto is one of the leading fabric producers for denim and sportswear.
ADDITIONALS: For nearly 100 years, Dorlet has developed and produced trims for the fashion industry. Even today, the family-owned company is one of the leading international providers in this sector. As a specialist in recyclable leather labels, Turteks Etiket from Istanbul is also one of the cooperation partners of the DENIM BORDERLINE team.


IDEA: Rock‘n roll denim from the point of view of a luxury brand. Inspired by glam, rock punk and the perfect, oversized and opulent style. Perfectly combined by Rihanna in your outfit to the MetBall.
DESIGN: Annet van Rijswijk of Hey Ho Studio has made a name for herself as Design Director for Puma. Today, she is internationally recognized for her fashion forward design, trend analysis for lifestyle brands and her multidisciplinary approach to product design.
PRODUCTION: Here, too, Denim Authority supports the project with ist many years of internationally recognized experience and proven quality offerings together with Evlox. Evlox‘s focus is on sustainable denim production, transparency, building ecological alliances and certified fabrics.
ADDITIONALS: KT Trims, a young company from Istanbul, focuses on OEKOTEX certified leather and PU coatings in the production of Labels & As another partner of this project, Dorlet provides specially developed borders and ribbons.


IDEA: The merger of bespoke denim and high-end sportswear – with noformal rigor in favor of new classics – is the basis of this idea.
DESIGN: SAAT, design studio from Munich, offers advice and handling in projects of design, pattern and branding, which are aligned to sustainability. The heads behind SAAT are Sajna Weber and Thorsten Bulander, who focus their work on blending bespoke denim and high-end sportswear techniques. Always under the maxim: quality before trend.
PRODUCTION: Texpro Corp, certified to GOTS and BSCI, has been specializing in the production of leisurewear, shirts, jackets, pants and coats for 35 years. An internal creative department works on the content of the Future Concepts, setting new standards for responsible cooperation.
FABRICS: Kilim Denim is one of the most famous denim producers in Turkey. The core business, in addition to special finishing techniques of fabrics, is a high degree of willingness to invest in innovative and trendy collections. Always under the motto: Quality goes before quantity.
ADDITONALS: Stitch & Trim has an innovative research and development department that individually implements trend developments. Stitch & Trim is one of the five largest manufacturers of textile accessories in Turkey. Another cooperation partner is Isa Tan Tec, specializing in leather labels. Isa Tan Tec, a US, Vietnam, China, and Italian company, has developed LITE INDEX, a tool that helps customers identify energy and water savings relative to the industry benchmark.


IDEA: The feeling of provocative freedom, a rebellious youth, childhood memories. All these are sources of inspiration for a wetsuit made from recycled plastic bottles.
DESIGN: Anne Oudard, a French denim designer, lives and works in London. There, she assisted Faustin Steinmetz and discovered her passion for creating furious styles from used jeans pockets, repairing old jeans and creating eye-catching embroidery. Together with Patine from Lisbon, she has designed her first eco-friendly denim line.
PRODUCTION: Azgard-9, Pakistan, is known for its premium denim qualities. A new company focus is currently on the development of a 3R concept: reduce resources, reuse, recycle.
FABRICS: Founded in Pakistan in 1983, Soorty is today one of Pakistan’s largest vertically-positioned denim manufacturers. According to Soorty, 70 percent of the production waste is recycled, drastically reducing CO2 and energy consumption. Highlight of the latest strategic measures is a C2C certified ™ Gold Denim Fabric series, which supports conscious consumer behavior with emphasis on circular economy and transparency as well as the introduction of a ‚clean‘ liquid indigo dyeing technique.
ADDITIONALS: Stitch & Trim‘s business strategy is based on sophisticated product and service offerings. These include a high quality standard, an optimal price-performance ratio, short-term delivery dates and a permanently updated product range.


IDEA: The focus is on a combination of traditional clothing know-how and the functionality of workwear. In addition, the maxim to recycle the traditional and to change ingredients only conditionally. The result is a timeless and genderless style.
DESIGN: Serena Conti studied design and art in Venice. She works today as a designer and illustrator. In 2017 she won the Denim Gallery Award for best designer of the Tonello International Contest. After stops at John Galliano and C‘N‘C Costume National, she is now part of the team of Piero Turk, the Italian denim legend.
PRODUCTION: Denim Studio was founded in 1998 as a design and collection company. As ‚designlab‘, the studio produces numerous designs and collections for well-known European brands. The entire production takes place in-house. Only the laundry is outsourced.
FABRICS: Bossa, founded in Turkey in 1951, is known for its high production capacity of high quality denim fabrics. With ISO 9001, Bossa has quality management that enables the company to meet the latest standards in sustainable production.
ADDITIONALS: ‚Made in Italy‘ is part of the company philosophy of Piovese, the label, hangtag and application specialist. With ‚Piovese Naturals‘, the company is responding to the market‘s growing demand for sustainable qualities and processes, balancing technology, craftsmanship and nature. Dorlet, another cooperation partner in the field of ingredients, also supports this project with istlong-standing, internationally valued knowhow and its broad product portfolio.


IDEA: Asia, Africa, tribal and streetwear, tradition and techno in an unconventional mix. In this creative spirit, UK Navy Battle Pants, the T2 denim jacket and hoody have been redesigned. Laser cut and glued fabric elements added. Jacket and pants produced in 11 ounces of denim, studs and buttons made of pure brass.
DESIGN: Philippe Disdier creates timeless Japanese jeans under the French-Japanese denim brand Phi Denim. Phi denim fabrics are 100 percent made in Japan. The ambitious goal is to redefine the 5 pocket jeans as a legendary classic.
PRODUCTION: The design and R & D teams of Merkoteks create target group-specific collections in close cooperation with their customers. Merkoteks and Ay Yildiz are part of the Merko Group, which in addition to energy and construction companies also includes three textile companies.
FABRICS: IndigoIstanbul creates authentic denim collections. The comprehensive range is rounded off with fabrics for shirts and dresses made of cotton, Tencel and linen. With Digo Society, the company launches a premium line – focused on jacquards. Qualities like Indigo Circle with 2/3 yarn jersey, Supreme, Interlock and Piqué enable a distinctive knitting style.
ADDITIONALS: Varcotex‘s offer repertoire, founded in 1982, includes brand marketing and labeling as well as packaging. The company has offices and production facilities in Italy, Hong Kong and China. Dorlet proves once again, as another partner of this creative team, his great flexibility in product and support.