Digitalisation used as a tool for more creativity and a wider spectrum of individually usable prints. This technical development is capitalised on by international design and trend studios to create new design processesin an experimental manner: both for depicting realistic motifs, landscape interpretations or floral patterns and for representing one-off, hand-painted pictures.

For Autumn.Winter 20/21 there is a trend towards more filigree, softer and more minimalist designs. Colours are dominated by earthy and natural tones ranging from various graduated shades of brown through green hues to subdued berry colours. Find the latest innovations and possibilities for exclusive print designs presented by the international Design Studios and Trend Offices on the firstFloor of MUNICH FABRIC START.


Experimentalism is in the limelight at Buntastic with handmade techniques – whether in wintry staged dye and acid optics, or in bold, large-scale conversationals. Floral becomes “big” or sporty in the form of camoufl age moods. Straightforward, graphic themes bring print to the street. Prints with attitude and courage for individuality is Buntastic’s message for this autumn/winter.


In the current collections of design studio Breitenbach und Töchter, the nuances of earthy natural shades predominate in contrast to neutral colours, grey and soft violet with strong reddish and orange tones. The colours are soft and delicate with a nostalgic touch. The contrasts of watercolour and pastel chalks have resulted in naturalistic floral patterns with a picturesque character. Harmonious compositions of flowers and tendrils. In the children’s collections “frost flowers” or “ little friends at the Polar Sea”, cold colours dominate and contrast with warmer earth tones. Inspired by the winter nature, this palette underlines the trend to sharpen the awareness for our environment. The graphic designs came into being out of the transience and sketchiness, sometimes geometrically effervescent, sometimes daintily playful. The navy blue, almost black colour tone is an accent which lends sobriety and energy to the chromatic colour palette.


Colours and designs become more subtle. What is your answer to that?
We play in our prints with shades that make the design look discreet but lively. Natural and earth tones such as terracotta, mustard yellow, mossy greens and plum tones are in great demand.

Does digitization allow for novel design techniques?
Digitalisation can make more use of the possibilities in the design process. You have more freedom for the creative design process. We mainly work with hand painted designs that are scanned and then modified on the computer.

Which design is your favourite?
We have two major trend directions that are very contradictory: winter batik prints and nature oriented lino cuts with clean shapes. That’s why two favourites.


Colours and designs become more subtle. What is your answer to that?
Yes, the colours and designs are becoming more soft, exquisite and minimalistic. Additionally, more earthy colour ways are coming through.

Does digitization enable novel design techniques?
Absolutely, digitalization enables many more options and higher level of details and quality. Realistic paintings, landscapes, heritage, fl owers and more designs options are endless now.

Which design is your favourite?
It’s hard to choose! Two styles are my favourite, one is our new version of Toile De Jouy, which we call ‘Toile de oriental’ and the other is the minimalistic earthy delicate textures collection.