Nikolett Madai has found a way to close the gap in the cycle: with Dyelux she processes by-products from the food industry to make fabrics radiate in strong colours. Madai develops these sustainable textile dyestuffs from fruit peel and seeds left over by local juice production in Berlin. She refers to this concept as “Grave-to-Cradle” and uses it to exploit unexploited materials while connecting two sectors of industry in a lucrative way.

„You would never have guessed such minor thing as peels and seeds are game changers towards a sustainalbe fashion and food industry.“ Nikolett Madai

Due to the exotic fruit of the juice production Madai is able to develop a colour range from curcuma yellow to pomegranate red and avoid a big carbon footprint caused by long transport distances at the same time. The Dyelux dyes were tested by Madai on textiles made of pineapple leaves and GOTS-certified cotton. The result is highly promising – and lays the foundation for her own start-up, which is already under planning.