Innovation and sustainability themes were once again among the key aspects at MUNICH FABRIC START. For instance, KEYHOUSE showcases new paths into the future for the sector: from state-of-the-art digitalisation applications and sustainable audience magnets in the Sustainable Innovations area to the smart and networked visions for the world of tomorrow.

“Appreciation and awareness of sustainable innovations is growing. Once again at the forefront here is dialogue, the highlighting of new process solutions for the unusual and for new materials. Key here is clear indication and explanation of the inspiration through to market-relevant themes and areas. Furthermore, immediate contact is very significant. We have aroused curiosity and are delighted with the great response,” says Simon Angel, Curator at Sustainable Innovations

Other highlights at the KEYHOUSE included the ‘WARDROBE OF THE FUTURE’, a walk-in wardrobe featuring smart products to demonstrate how, already today, fashion technology can be deployed for ready-to-wear products.

Other participants showcased fully integrated cloud-based solution for the textile industry, as is the case with DMIx Cloud Showcase from Color Digital. Next Tex Showcases was again on board with innovations on the topics of Advanced Manufacturing, Circular Systems, Cloud Computing & Wearable Tech.

David Shah, Publisher at View Publications presented a statement analysis on current multi-optionalities that no longer permit linear developments anymore and that link opposites in a creative way. Title of the presentation was: Living in the new (dis)ordered World’. And last but not least the organisers of MUNICH FABRIC START again held HighTex Award as an innovation prize for outstanding product developments.