Experience the future today already at the KEYHOUSE. As a fashion-tech think tank the KEYHOUSE offers future-oriented developments, smart solutions, digitalisation and the synergy of fashion and technology in the shape of information, experience and innovation.
In cooperation with MUNICH FABRIC START FashNerd will present the first walk-in ‘Wardrobe of the Future’ – presenting smart products for end users in the form of a market-ready symbiosis of fashion and technology.

‘In a very accessible way KEYHOUSE creates the link between tradition and future, analogue and digital, between sustainable innovations and high-tech. By redesigning this segment alongside other areas such as ReSOURCE we are creating new impulses and demonstrating future-proof process solutions. This underlines the progressiveness and our own dynamism at MUNICH FABRIC START.’

Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START

NEXT TEX provides information on advanced manufacturing, circular systems, cloud computing and wearable technologies by companies, Research laboratories and universities and makes technology graspable with numerous workshops on the Next Tex area.
Sustainable Innovations encourages us to think in new categories: re:alive, re:colour and re:define open up new perspectives for dyeing processes, leather alternatives and material definitions.

‘Appreciation and awareness of sustainable innovations is growing. Once again at the forefront here is dialogue, the highlighting of new process solutions for the unusual and for new materials. Key here is clear indication and explanation of the inspiration through to market-relevant themes and areas. Furthermore, immediate contact is very significant. We have aroused curiosity and are delighted with the great response.’

Simon Angel, Curator at Sustainable Innovations

Add to this numerous lectures, panel and roundtable discussions such as on ‘Circular Denim Industry: Today’s Normality or an Illusion?’. “The Future is Circular” maintains Marte Hentschel of Sourcebook in her lecture on bioengineering textiles.
“Living in the New (Dis)ordered World” is the motto of David Shah from VIEW-Publications, who will take a look at tomorrow’s design for a very diversified target group from different backgrounds.

On all three days of the trade fair the KEYHOUSE will provide comprehensive insights into progressive innovation themes, technology and digitalisation, smart textiles and products. This programme is rounded off by a packed lineup of trend presentations, workshops and lectures.

“The KEYHOUSE brings together brands which represent what the Merger of fashion with technology has achieved this far. This fashion tech space creates a unique experience every season to give attendees a glimpse of what could be the future of fashion.”

Muchaneta Kapfunde, Co-Founder of FashNerd.com