A worn-out T-Shirt is quickly replaced by a new one. In our consumer- driven society apparel has become a consumable with short service life. In her final project “Worn to wear” at the Design Academy Eindhoven Lena Winterink addresses this trend and appreciates the ageing process of garments in a poetic way. A hand-knitted pullover, a woven kimono, a suit in unbleached cotton – this is “Worn to wear”. Only a closer look reveals a delicate copper wire in the cotton yarn of the voluminous knitted styles – Winterink has printed the suit with a special, copper-based ink.

„My goal ist o emphasise the beauty of longevity and show the value of ageing wihtin fashion.“ Lena Winterink

Copper is known for developing an intense patina when exposed to strong weather conditions. This oxidation layer varies from brown shades and black to that typical verdigris. When in contact with water and sweat the copper oxidisesand gradually produces an irreversible change in the textiles colour. The result is a garment that only unfolds its unique beauty with everyday use.