Often the strength of a business comes from establishing successful partnerships and finding the right brands whose values closely align with your own. Making it increasingly important to get to know on a deeper level, the creative processes, inspirations and values of the manufacturers, design studios and suppliers who will become essential to building the success of your brand. Our trade show provides the perfect opportunity to do exactly that, to build your connections and cultivate new business partnerships.

We reached out to Elisa Ostländer, the Founder and Art Director of Lica Design Studio eager for an insight into their unique approach to print design. Elisa brings the studio into being, assuming creative control and among other things is responsible for talent sourcing to build up a network of international artists and designers.

Lica Design Studio creates prints and embellishments for people with a distinct taste for the outstanding. Mainly inspired by different people and cultures as well as artwork from around the world, every print is inspired by paintings, sculptures, photography and graphics which are discovered by their international team on a daily basis.

“Working with a group of international artists and designers makes every single piece of our collection truly individual and bears the signature of Lica Design”, explains Elisa Ostländer.

With a diverse display of extraordinary prints on offer, discovering the latest trends is paramount to the success and development of new collections. Each Lica print combines an outstanding awareness for trends and with each collection Elisa initiates extensive trend research to form the basis for her own artistic trend concept which she then shares with her international team. Their secret to ensure their collections are constantly evolving lies in one of their main principles – to constantly collaborate with different textile designers and artists. Striving for progress and interaction in an ever-changing world.

Lica Design Studio has profound experience in collaborating with various brands in order to develop an entire print collection tailored to their individual needs. With an experienced, insightful creative with a keen mind for business at the helm, Lica Design Studio warmly welcomes visitors to their stand at the next edition of VIEW Fabric Preview Fair.

“Next to selling artworks of course, we are always happy for interesting conversations as well as discovering together the potential for future collaborations. With our unique artistic prints we have established an experience with which we can serve our client of the greater fashion & textile industry and contribute to their success.”