Fabrics made from yarn made of castor oil, processed using a patented water and energy-saving method. Cotton yarn made of 100% pre-dyed remnants from the textile industry – produced in Italy in an entirely traceable production cycle. Denim made of post-consumer cotton, dyed using the “Crystal Clear” process, a radical new dyeing technique that uses 70% chemicals and no salts. The new meta-sourcing platform ReSOURCE brings together innovative and sustainably produced fabrics and additionals and showcases state-of-the-art trends from the eco and fairtrade segments.

“Organic” is one of the quintessential aspects of sustainable fashion. At the same time, parameters like recyclable/regenerative, fitness for circular economy, recycled or resource-saving are now gaining increasing importance. This development is being picked up more and more at MUNICH FABRIC START where ReSOURCE now offers this field an even broader platform than before.

Taking Sustainability to the Next Level: established at MUNICH FABRIC START already nine years ago as a sustainability segment organicselection was a major fixture for the sourcing business. From this season a progressive further development in the form ReSOURCE will be replacing the previous platform. Segmented into six categories Natural / Organic Materials, Recycling, Regenerated Fibres, Leather and Leather Alternatives, Denim and Innovations it will present a future-oriented overview of where sustainability is right now.

In addition to coherently presented information on the individual sectors the trade fair’s own labelling system will provide additional data on the manufacture of the individual, carefully selected fabrics: icons indicate what fabrics were produced in a resource and energy-saving manner, for instance, thus enabling designers, product managers and buyers to quickly and easily find eco-friendly solutions.

This season ReSOURCE has been located in K4 at the MOC in front of Hall 4 – alongside international standards organisations, certification bodies and non-profit organisations who provide sound information on the innovations in the sustainability sector.

The whole portfolio of all material and additional innovations can be sourced all year round within the following link: Let´s ReSOURCE!