Two seasons ago, we re-launched our sustainability and innovation platform ReSOURCE providing in-depth orientation, information and concrete possible applications for the sourcing of sustainable and innovative trims. The interest in the range and side events of the ReSOURCE area is rising constantly and even the big, well-known brands have started sourcing here now.

From the 16th – 17th July 2019, VIEW Premium Selection will showcase the first novelties, material developments and colour tendencies for the new season AUTUMN.WINTER 20/21 a few weeks prior to MUNICH FABRIC START.

The highlights of the new fabrics and accessories will be presented in a material forum in the foyer of VIEW. We offer you the possibility to explore some ReSOURCE novelties already at this point in time in this valuable environment.

ReSOURCE presents:

» textile solutions for a circular economy
» innovative, resource-saving, environmentally friendly as well as non-harmful technologies for wet processing
» ecologically certified trims and fabrics
» sustainably durable materials developed with high-quality processes

DUTEL CREATION, BORNEMANN ETIKETTEN , YILMAZ TEKSTIL and TEJIDOS ROYO will be among the first to showcase their sustainable fabrics at VIEW.

How important is it to you, to present your new products at VIEW Premium Selection?

DUTEL: The year 2018 was marked by a collective awareness to the ready-to-wear industry. Brands, customers and young designers are now combining design of clothing with an environmentally friendly approach.
BORNEMANN: As a first time exhibitor, we are extremely curious and excited to be a part of VIEW Premium Selection. The event let’s us get in touch with our customers and potential customers at an early stage of their developments. It gives us a feeling for the upcoming season, what are the important topics and how is the market developing. We can include our impressions from View Premium Selection into our preparations for MUNICH FABRIC START to give our customers the best possible products and services on point
YILMAZ: VIEW is especially important to us because the timing is excellent for the customer’s new collection preparation. It’s our chance to show them our new developments, as early as possible.

Sustainability is not just a trend. Please tell us how intensely you are working on this topic right now and how you see this influencing the future of your company?

DUTEL: CONSUMERS SEEK RESPONSIBLE READY-TO-WEAR. According to the Lyst eCommerce Fashion Report, searches for organic cotton or vegan leather clothing increased by 47% in 2018. In parallel, the number of Instagram posts with the hashtag #sustainablefashion came close to 3 million. An undeniable increase, revealing the environmental concerns of a consumer in search of responsible consumption. Exit compulsive shopping! Fashion lovers, now aware of the devastating effects of fast-fashion, are in search of “green dressing”, eco-responsible, which is neither harmful for the planet, nor for those who live in it. DUTEL has already started many years ago with concrete actions in our factory. We started to offer a sustainable collection in our SS19 collection with a couple of articles with organic cotton and recycled polyester, this section is meant to become bigger and bigger every season. We planned to use recycled wool, but due to high price level, we decided to postpone this.
BORNEMANN: Sustainability is part of almost every conversation we are having with our customers at the moment. What can be done? What makes sense? What are the newest trends and which product fits best into our customers program? To get all the info right and on point, we just released a special digital portfolio that shows all our current sustainable product-possibilities. We want to be a dependable partner when it comes to questions of practicability, plausibility and of course trend! Sustainability is something that we are working on daily, our innovation management and product development is constantly looking for new alternatives to offer. Not just material alternatives that is, but also working process improvement. Digital sample-developments and our online care label-generator are only two examples of what is on our agenda.
YILMAZ: You are totally right, it’s not just a trend and it should not be treated like one. We all have a responsibility to nature, and we are working intensively on this topic by always creating new things and developing our regular items. It is also crucial for our company because we are planning to raise our sustainable product percentage to 80% in a couple of years, ultimately the goal is 100% sustainability.

Please highlight some of the sustainable products visitors will find in your upcoming collections at VIEW Premium Selection and MUNICH FABRIC START.

DUTEL: Our sustainable articles PURE are in our story FJORD in this ethno–folklorist story mostly in organic cotton, recycled polyester in natural colors with some fancy yarns.
BORNEMANN: Our visitors will find various recycled products among our sustainable items: woven yarn made of recycled polyester, badges made of recycled felt, recycled real leather. Aside from that, we offer some interesting materials made of sustainable qualities: Polymers from renewable, vegetable sources, biodegradable PU or paper made of grass. Come and visit us at booth A29 and let us talk about your next sustainable label!
YILMAZ: For instance, we are going to show our 100% organic products, those with GOTs certificate and our whole collection with our OEKO-TEX certificates at VIEW. This unique platform will ideally serve customers who are looking for ecological and sustainable products.

Bornemann Recycled Felt Label


All submitted textile innovations and sustainable developments will be presented in the following corresponding categories:

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