Tejidos Royo are next to present with ReSOURCE at VIEW

Tejidos Royo are longstanding exhibitors at our BLUEZONE Denim Trade Show as well as VIEW Premium Selection and now they will be among the first to present their sustainable fabrics with ReSOURCE at VIEW.

How important is it to you, to present your new products at VIEW Premium Selection?

VIEW & MUNICH FABRIC START means quality and efficiency. Always thinking about the future, these fairs are constantly changing with the sole objective of satisfying the needs of the exhibitors and visitors. At Tejidos Royo we share this philosophy, and we are also aware of the relevance that both the VIEW fair and Munich Fabric Start have in Germany for the textile sector. We have been betting for this fair for many years, due to the importance that the German market has for Tejidos Royo.
Our goal is that the fabrics presented in each edition, serve as a source of inspiration for visitors. This new AW 20/21 collection has SUSTAINABILITY and the use of the most advanced technology in the development of fabrics as main characteristics, together with an exceptional quality of finish.

Sustainability is not just a trend. Please tell us how intensely you are working on this topic right now?

NSustainability has been imposed as the only recipe to counteract the ecological crisis of the planet. For many critics, sustainability is for the fashion industry a facelift. But the change is not only in a “green washing” rather the change comes from a complete revolution of all the production processes of a company.
The buying trend among consumers is changing. The consumer no longer only looks for price, quality, speed, exclusivity, etc. but among its purchasing decisions is the sustainability and social-environmental commitment of the company. The term ‘Sustainability’ in the private sector is escalating as a strategic priority. It is not just about selling more products to more people. It is about limited resources, climate change, over-population which challenge innovation to make more competitive products.
Tejidos Royo, aware of the seriousness of the situation, continues to guide the textile industry towards this new era of sustainability and the protection of human rights throughout the value chain by innovative solutions.

“Our goal is to give the market the best product without permanent harmful effects for the future.”

The trajectory of Tejidos Royo is marked by the development of leading-edge sustainable techniques in the industrial process.

Today Tejidos Royo is a pioneer in the development of a unique process in the world, capable of dyeing indigo without using water. This process, developed together with Gastón Company and IMD- and denominated DRY INDIGO®, gets the requirements to be considered an eco-sustainable technology to Indigo Yarn Dyeing process with Zero Consumption and Zero Discharge of Water, to Process Certified by AITEX.

How does this influence the future of your company?

We are aware of the effort we are making in terms of investment, but also that, if we do not act, we will end the planet. Our continuous search for sustainable solutions throughout the value chain influences us in a positive way and gives us the peace of mind that we are on the right track. The mentality of the textile sector is changing. It is a slow process, but both, manufacturers, brands and consumers are adapting to this new way of creating and consuming fashion that is increasingly sustainable and beneficial in all aspects, by and for the common good. A new way of doing things has arrived and we are firmly committed to it.

Please highlight some of the sustainable products visitors will find in your upcoming collections at VIEW Premium Selection and MUNICH FABRIC START.

DRY INDIGO® The future of sustainable denim, IS NOW
Tejidos Royo, together with Gaston and Imd, has developed the Dry Indigo® technology, a dyeing process which is unique in the world. This certified and guaranteed technology under the ECO – TECHNOLOGY by AITEX (textile research institute) allows to dye indigo yarn with zero water in dyeing process, 89% less chemicals, 65% reduced energy usage and also zero water discharge. In addition to being the most sustainable dyeing technology in the market today, our Dry Indigo® registered brand offers this features in the fabric:

  • Intense Cast (Indigo intense hue)
  • Multi Cast Wash-down (being a superficial dyeing, it allows very sharp contrasts)
  • Very versatile fabric to laser processing

ROYO has the exclusive right of this unique technology worldwide.

REBOOT LINE “Recycled PFD fabrics”
This fabric is the first sportswear recycled fabric in PFD (Prepared For Dye), characterized by premium quality and regular finishes that solves “the big problem” of the presence of foreign fibers in the spinning and dyeing process of recycled sportswear fabrics. Its most outstanding features are:

  • Recycled Pre-consumer
  • Non foreign fibers and clean look
  • Same look and hand-feel of conventional fine cottons

We support the shift towards an efficient and traceable economy in the use of resources, an upcycling strategy of responsible product based, fundamentally, on the use of pre and post-consumer textile waste “close the loop” to manufacture new fabrics improving their benefits. All through the circular process. All items containing more than 20% recycled material have the international external guarantee “Global Recycled Standard” (GRS), which strengthens the credibility of all the products we obtain.

“We have the opportunity to reduce the consumption of natural resources and guarantee an optimum quality.”

Do you have any questions regarding ReSOURCE? Feel free to contact us at any time.