Less than one percent: this is all the materials used for apparel production that are recycled afterwards. For an industry consuming 98 million tons of non-renewable raw materials annually, this figure makes you stop and wonder. How can we fight this growing mountain of textile waste? Even make it disappear? This was the question the Dutch label Loop.a Life asked itself, setting out to prolong the life of garments.

It is our mission to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion industry and find the right means to conserve our planet and satisfy our consumers’ needs.

It all starts with the yarn: to live up to the promise of a “closed loop”, quality and, hence, the potential of the fibre must be re-defined. The yarn and knitwear collections of this label consist of 100% recycled raw materials. To this end old pullovers are processed into new yarn in the Netherlands – without any additional dyestuffs or water consumption, without any chemicals or long-distance transport of raw materials.

The aim is to change the perception of recycled textiles and raise end users’ and experts’ awareness about the enormous potential of local raw materials – producing fashion that benefits both people and the planet.