Modern nomads require utility luggage. So the travel backpack “Radius” makes the ideal companion for weekend trips or trekking tours and always has some surprises in store for its users.

“Radius” is a travel backpack designed by the design studios of Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen and Eva X Carola. As part of their cooperation at the Santoni Laboratory for knitting technology in Shanghai the designers developed a clever all-in-one approach: a backpack manufactured by machine from one piece of fabric.

Furthermore, this backpack boasts hidden features: when light shines on the pearl-studded closure power is generated because each individual bead is a tiny, round solar cell that has been woven into the substrate material.

The Radius backpack was designed for the lifestyle of modern nomads and is just as suitable for weekend trips as it is for city breaks or extended trekking tours.

Photo: Ola Krondah