Before a garment finds its owner, it usually travels a long way. This not only makes it difficult to ensure socially and environmentally conscious production, but also hinders the development of the design and innovative approach to new processes. Karin Vlug and Bas Froon see the future of fashion in the local production of clothing – made to measure, on demand and using digital technologies.

“Our mission is to develop new digital technologies that make it possible to produce textile products closer to the consumer.”

Since 2018, the fashion researcher and industrial designer have been developing new forms of textile production under the name UNSEAM in Amsterdam. With Smart Fashion Production, they create seamless and three-dimensional textile products reminiscent of minimalist high fashion creations. Their approach: new technology, old knowledge. They track down innovative production techniques outside the fashion industry and adapt them for the textile industry. Laser cutting, moulding and lamination are just three of their tools. The designers also rely on the natural properties of fibres. For example, they deliberately shrink fabrics to achieve exciting effects. The result: elegant shapes with a futuristic twist.