AW 21/22 Trend Analysis: GAMESHIFTER

24. November 2020

The Autumn.Winter 21/22 Trend Forecast by MUNICH FABRIC START presents HOPETIMISM, this season’s title which stands for hope and optimism – it is a mindset that explores new ways and perspectives. Its spirit brings our industry together during a very challenging time to design innovative products and processes that fulfil new market needs. The MUNICH FABRIC START Trend Team presents the 5 trend themes for AW21/22: FOREVER, DREAMATIC, EARTHTOPIA HAPPY CHAOS & GAMESHIFTER.

HOPETIMISM AW21/22 Trend Themes

FOREVER stands for semi-elegant, cosy and classic home & all day wear.

DREAMATIC creatively stages a progressive and urban casual fashion.

EARTHTOPIA shows a strong consciousness for function and tradition.

HAPPY CHAOS is an optimistic playground for sports, diy, craftsmanship and improvisation.

GAMESHIFTER combines futuristic high-tech innovation with flashy glamour.

Now we look at the final trend theme GAMESHIFTER:


GAMESHIFTER is a word play made up of Gamechanger and Shapeshifter. Existing realities are mixed with visionary prospects for the future. Gamechangers are changing the world and may be the ones to find the vaccine against Covid-19, while a Shapeshifter make sure of artifitial intelligence as a hybrid between a man and a machine.

With GAMESHIFTER, the combination of both these influences form a trend that awakens the desire for the right balance of consumption, that is both desired and allowed.

We dive into a world of dark colours, which also has something mystical and dystopian about it. The palette is energized by rich, silky, decorative baroque colours. The sporty mix of these colours creates an exciting colour palette.

For the full AW21/22 Trend Forecast which includes Pantone, Coloro and Archroma colour codes combines a mix of fashion trends, sustainability and innovation alongside current inspirations in art, culture, architecture and design, order your copy here.

GAMESHIFTER allows two different material worlds to meet. On the one hand that of stable and dramatic fabrics and trimmings, in which a functional approach determines the decorative material development. This is achieved with powerful synthetics, polyamide sportswear, structural volume, quilted and embossed textiles, jacquard, tech jersey or fly knit.

For accessories, the material mix combines lamé, lurex, glitter and dark metallic colours for buttons and ribbons.

Soiries Chambutaires
Free Time, Zoeppritexz
Pastels, Schotte Agency

Take a look through the fabric and accessories highlighted in the GAMESHIFTER trend theme showcased in the HOPETIMISM Trend Forum at Fabric Days, 1-3 September 2020 in Munich.

The full Autumn.Winter 21/22 Trend Forecast is available to order from our website. For further trend information in the following categories:

Emotions and Moods
Fabrics and Materials
Fashion and Classic Styles
Technology and Science
Thrivability Values as innovative sustainable impulses
Covid-19 influences for a future in times of a pandemic

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