AW 21/22 Denim Trend Analysis: Create

11. January 2021

The latest Denim Trend Forecast by BLUEZONE explores the seasonal theme HOPETIMISM which stands for hope and optimism – it is a mindset that explores new ways and perspectives during a very challenging time to fulfil new market needs. For this, the BLUEZONE Trend Team has defined the coming seasons with two distinct consumer groups in mind. The first main consumer group is called HOPE which stands for a better world and challenges the way we consume fashion with a significant focus on ethical and sustainable fashion. The second major consumer group is called OPTIMISM which takes a more hedonist approach to denim and fashion, living under the ‘You Only Live Once’ motto.

The 3 trends shaped by HOPE are:

SLOW stands for timeless design where global manufacturing becomes local.
MEDICAL HEROES idolises our new protectors and defines a new era of clean workwear in denim.
NEW COMMUTERS responds to a real need for useful denim to reinvent utility.

The 3 trends shaped by OPTIMISM are:

FAST craves the latest in luxury and statement fashion and denim.
LONDON ACID JAZZ is a creative haven for global streetwear and new cultural influences.
CREATE is an explosion of contrasting textures, fashion shapes, function and colour.


Wild and crazy creative work

A new “creative exaltation”

An explosion of never before seen strong colours, hues and shapes

Key trends “disaster luxury” and “Rugged future” combines smooth designer looks with rebelious accents

It’s all in the creative contrasts

Rugged vs silky, sturdy vs soft, black vs bright colour

Nothing handsome, nothing 100% nice…

A punkish : “God save reality” attitude.

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Take a look through the latest denim colours, finishings and shapes highlighted in the CREATE trend theme as well as labels, rivets, buttons and trims rounding off the BLUEZONE Trend Forum.

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2 – 4 March 2021
MOC Munich