Additionals Spring.Summer 23 #4

24. March 2022

Although MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE couldn’t be realised physically in the end of January, we want to give our beloved exhibitors and long-term partners the chance to present their collections for Spring.Summer 23 online. We are presenting the most inspiring developments, prints and innovations in all our areas: FABRICS, ADDITIONALS, BLUEZONE, DESIGN STUDIOS, SOURCING & KEYHOUSE.

The zippers, buttons, materials & Co. of the Spring.Summer 23 season are sporty, fresh, playful and sustainable. The newest developments of BODO JAGDBERG, Knopf Schäfer GmbH, MT – ND, QST Europe and Unizip combine functionality with extravagance, tradition and innovation and the best quality with new technologies.


BODO JAGDBERG is putting more emphasis on functionality this season as well as opulence and extravagance. The themes Flex-Leisure, Monochrome and All Day Active are manifested in both Mens and Womenswear ranges. Sporty elegant colors such as aqua glass, digital lavender and cashmere are becoming an absolute eye catcher. Real styling boosters such as Holographic and cosmic paper will set new standards.


Knopf Schäfer GmbH

Knopf Schäfer explored three summer themes: Hybrid Smartness – Tailoring remains top but casual and smart. Adventure Resort – Sporty aesthetics play with artisanal details. Active Performance – Functionality meets urban lifestyle. Matching buttons and accessories have been developed for all themes, with special highlights in shape, colour and finish. According to the importance of sustainability, the button expert is showing a comprehensive real corozo collection.



In a play of luminous facets, enveloping roundness and different fascinating tactility, each MT Fashion Factory accessory in the Spring.Summer 23 collection expresses the harmony of a unique style in balance between tradition and innovation. A short circuit of shapes, colors and materials that stimulated the imagination and expresses all the pleasure of making fashion.


QST Europe

QST Europe continues to focus on sustainability by offering a wide range of products made from recycled polyester, BCI and organic cotton. As well as the origin of the materials, the main focus is on quality and technologies. The performance knit alliance made of 100% Recycled Polyester offers both: it is engineered for mobility, moisture wicking properties and softness to the skin. Its light weight and flexible which makes it perfect for waistbands, pocketing and lining for active wear shorts, joggers, jackets and hoodies.



Unizip’s new collection shows the creative process from a sustainable perspective while keeping the connection to new summer trends for Spring.Summer 23. The zipper specialist’s aim is to create recycled zippers but also standard ones, playing with colors and new shapes. The offer ranges from basic zippers to new ideas which allow all customers to make their own customization. Innovation is the key.


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