ReSOURCE – Autumn.Winter 24/25

Certifications, recycled materials, environmentally friendly - that's what the sustainable fabrics from the ReSource range stand for.

The Fabric Trends Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part VIII

The combination of plum and matcha is futuristic and calming. Apricot Crush gives hope and awakens positivity, rounded off with a hint of intensely rusty autumn dust.

BLUEZONE CONEXXION Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part IV

Blacklight steht für dunkle Indigofarben, Schwarz, Overdyes und beschichtete Stoffe. Ihre Overdye-Technik verleiht dem Stoff eine Reihe von Farben auf beiden Seiten für zusätzliche Vielseitigkeit.

The Fabric Trends Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part VII

New Capsule Collection: luxury knitwear for timeless pieces. In a time of increasing resource scarcity, Target is responding to consumers' desire to invest in long-lasting and timeless pieces.

The latest accessory developments for Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part IV

valupa develops sustainable and circular supplies such as buckles, buttons, rings and other accessories locally from 100% renewable raw materials. In January 2023, the startup registered its first patent for a new type of modular buckle system.


Solapel™ is the PFAS free durable water repellent technology from Sunnytex that retains 70% efficiency even after 120 washes, equivalent to 24 hours of continuous washing.

BLUEZONE CONEXXION Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part III

Using sustainable technology Nanocork by LebiuDesign — recycled finish made by cork stoppers — brand released new brand jackets and shorts for new menswear collection SS24.

The Fabric Trends Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part VI

Quality, sustainability and innovation: the new Autumn.Winter 24/25 creations combine traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.

The latest accessory developments for Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part III

Soft tones like Banana Yellow, Cool Matcha, and Light Lilac dominate, with sportive influences of Neon Orange and Hot Magenta. Subtle decorative elements replace traditional rhinestones for a touch of glamour.

The Fabric Trends Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part V

New mobility and functional all-purpose items that are breathable, durable yet fashionable are key pieces for any wardrobe.

A cultural heritage – Sustainable Innovations

How and where are our roots? How can we reconnect with deep human values and ancient knowledge and skills?

BLUEZONE CONEXXION Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part II

The result of 10 years of research, it stands for durability, sustainability and circularity and can now be mixed with plant-based fibers such as Soya, Lyocell, Modal, and Naia™ acetate, bringing you Ctrl+Z Blends.

Cooperation is key – Sustainable Innovations

Local and recycled: Enschede Textielstad was founded in 2013 by Annemieke Koster to create responsibly produced fabrics from recycled yarns and local raw materials such as flax, hemp and wool for apparel and interior textiles.

The Fabric Trends Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part IV

Among the innovations, the use of blends of nettle, printed yarns, linen, Tencel and banana with pineapple stand out.

Circularity is key – Sustainable Innovations

The focus here is on circularity: it is about the recyclability of the material; a product made by Studio Sarmite can be dissolved at the end of its life and the textile fibres can be used for the next production cycle.

The latest accessory developments for Autumn.Winter 24/25 – Part II

Colors will generally be more natural, such as shades of brown, camel or black. For this season, the emphasis is on gilding, muted colors with the exception of a few bolder ones. Patterns are classic, vintage and futuristic with floral, geometric and organic prints. Sustainable materials are present as much as vegan and more classic ones like their genuine leathers.