The Warp Of Symbiogenesis


Sustainable Innovations

14. May 2024

In the universe of “The Warp of Symbiogenesis,” a collection of woven fabrics unfolds, aiming to foster appreciation for the intricate interconnections among Earth’s organisms. These fabrics carry five stories of invisible connections, narrating tales of cooperation, exploitation, and competition among fungi, lichens, corals, and plants. Each symbiotic relationship inspires a distinct weaving pattern, symbolizing the unique interactions between two species. Crafted from natural fibers sourced in Europe, the textile collection invites a reconsideration of the impact and interdependence shared by all organic life forms.

How do we begin to listen to the stories of the planet? By being present in the interweaving of life, of which we are a part and always have been. As a queer speculator, designer, and researcher, Paul Schaffer is fascinated by the systems influencing our social behavior and relationship with nature. Concentrating on visual media and textiles, his work seeks to deconstruct and visually articulate the heteronormative nature of these systems. Motivated by profound curiosity and a love for research, Schaffer continually strives to comprehend systems in novel ways, addressing sensitive topics with utmost care.



Fabric Trends Autumn.Winter 25/26 – Part 1

The collection dives deep into themes of sustainability and modernity. They've curated a palette that mixes rich, earthy tones like deep green, warm brown, red, and ochre yellow with cooler, industrial hues and a soft pastel range.

ReSOURCE – Spring.Summer25

Certified, recycled materials, environmentally friendly - this is what the sustainable fabrics from the ReSource range stand for.

Fabric Trends Spring.Summer 25 – Part IX

The colourful prints tell enchanting stories and are divided into five colour groups that can be perfectly combined.