AW 21/22 Trend Analysis: EARTHTOPIA

10. November 2020

The Autumn.Winter 21/22 Trend Forecast by MUNICH FABRIC START presents HOPETIMISM, this season’s title which stands for hope and optimism – it is a mindset that explores new ways and perspectives. Its spirit brings our industry together during a very challenging time to design innovative products and processes that fulfil new market needs. The MUNICH FABRIC START Trend Team presents the 5 trend themes for AW21/22: FOREVER, DREAMATIC, EARTHTOPIA HAPPY CHAOS & GAMESHIFTER.

HOPETIMISM AW21/22 Trend Themes

FOREVER stands for semi-elegant, cosy and classic home & all day wear.

DREAMATIC creatively stages a progressive and urban casual fashion.

EARTHTOPIA shows a strong consciousness for function and tradition.

HAPPY CHAOS is an optimistic playground for sports, diy, craftsmanship and improvisation.

GAMESHIFTER combines futuristic high-tech innovation with flashy glamour.

We focus next on the trend theme EARTHTOPIA:


EARTHTOPIA is made up of EARTH and UTOPIA and deals with the desire and striving for a healthier world. We want to give something back to the earth, give it space to recover. But it is also about the human being who recovers in nature and recharges his resources.

Especially in challenging times such as the current situation, there are more people than ever drawn to nature to pursue the longing for silence and peace. But EARTHTOPIA also puts nature itself in a central light – gigantic and imposing. The power of the forest, of water, mountains and glaciers becomes tangible and visible here.

In keeping with the theme, the focus is on natural colour tones that especially appear through warm-cold-contrasts. The spectrum of colours ranges from coloured stone tones to warmer earthy, muddy and mossy nuances. Accents in this natural palette are set by a fiery rust tone and an icy glacial mint.

For the full AW21/22 Trend Forecast which includes Pantone, Coloro and Archroma colour codes combines a mix of fashion trends, sustainability and innovation alongside current inspirations in art, culture, architecture and design, order your copy here.

This trend is about traditional materials that have a technical function – often also in a material mix: for example, in the form of natural materials mixed with synthetics. At the same time, the search is on for recycled and innovative trimming materials.

The atmosphere of wilderness and adventure is created by faux fur and teddy plush, but also natural dyes and camouflage bacterial stains. The same applies to functional patching in muted earth colours and the use of wood, stonenut and cotton linen as materials. Prints are mainly replicas of nature, while traditional checks and herringbone also set the tone for prints.

Akteks Tekstil San. V. Tic A.S - Neon
Lanificio Cipriani
MC Tex

Take a look through the fabric and accessories highlighted in the EARTHTOPIA trend theme showcased in the HOPETIMISM Trend Forum at Fabric Days, 1-3 September 2020 in Munich.

The full Autumn.Winter 21/22 Trend Forecast is available to order from our website. For further trend information in the following categories:

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Thrivability Values as innovative sustainable impulses
Covid-19 influences for a future in times of a pandemic

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