AW 21/22 Trend Analysis: FOREVER

26. October 2020

The Autumn.Winter 21/22 Trend Forecast by MUNICH FABRIC START presents HOPETIMISM, this season’s title which stands for hope and optimism – it is a mindset that explores new ways and perspectives. Its spirit brings our industry together during a very challenging time to design innovative products and processes that fulfil new market needs. The MUNICH FABRIC START Trend Team presents the 5 trend themes for AW21/22: FOREVER, DREAMATIC, EARTHTOPIA HAPPY CHAOS & GAMESHIFTER.

HOPETIMISM AW21/22 Trend Themes

FOREVER stands for semi-elegant, cosy and classic home & all day wear.

DREAMATIC creatively stages a progressive and urban casual fashion.

EARTHTOPIA shows a strong consciousness for function and tradition.

HAPPY CHAOS is an optimistic playground for sports, diy, craftsmanship and improvisation.

GAMESHIFTER combines futuristic high-tech innovation with flashy glamour.

We start with the first trend theme of FOREVER:


FOREVER stands for durability, timeless and high-quality materials. It revolves around the question of what is really important to us. Inspired by the new home office life that continues to accompany us, we mix athleisure with classics. As corona purists, we wear rediscovered basics and classics – favourite pieces that we already have in our wardrobe.

The FOREVER colour palette consists of timeless and classic colours that have rational, but also emotional nuances. A strong light to dark theme with deep blue, dark loden green, washed out black, medium grey and neutral beige forms the basis. These are complemented by refreshed classics such as delicate rosé, light blue and a full bordeaux tone.

For the full AW21/22 Trend Forecast includes Pantone, Coloro and Archroma colour codes combines a mix of fashion trends, sustainability and innovation alongside current inspirations in art, culture, architecture and design, order your copy here. Take a look through the fabric and accessories highlighted in the FOREVER trend theme showcased in the HOPETISIM Trend Forum at Fabric Days, 1-3 September 2020 in Munich.

The full Autumn.Winter 21/22 Trend Forecast is available to order from our website. For further trend information in the following categories:

Emotions and Moods
Fabrics and Materials
Fashion and Classic Styles
Technology and Science
Thrivability Values as innovative sustainable impulses
Covid-19 influences for a future in times of a pandemic

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