Digital Clarity in Design

16. January 2024

Digital processes elevate design to a new level, but only when the result is right and quick. To ensure the flow of ideas and data, Style3D | Assyst passionately develops and confidently explores new paths.

In the 3D simulation, the dress moves as if caught in a breeze. Whether it‘s a skirt or a down coat, the movement looks so realistic that one tends to forget the computer. Everyone in design, technical development, and pattern teams is meant to experience this seamless connection between the digital and the real world. Fabric, human, and pattern are realistically represented, pushing the boundaries of technology. The results are captivating, opening up new possibilities in clothing development and fabric design.

Digital fabrics facilitate collaboration

With both physical and digital fabric versions, manufacturers can provide better guidance. At events or in their own showroom, fabrics are collectively examined. The scanned digital version can be recolored, enlarged, experimented with in designs, and shared with colleagues on-site or later in the company. Once everyone agrees, the fabric is purchased and ideally produced afterward.


3D design and 2D patterns merge

A common scenario: everything looks good digitally until the pattern comes into play. Suddenly, a seam line on the back or inserts on the sleeves are necessary, disrupting the design idea. Numerous approval rounds like these are required in developing a new collection. It‘s much faster when the design interacts directly with the production-ready pattern. The designer doesn‘t need to switch to the CAD system; the pattern stays in the background, automatically updating and reapproving for significant changes.

3D clothing reaches customers

From showroom to eShop or store, it can take weeks … or just days. With the right tools, 3D designs transform into high-quality marketing and sales visualizations. All with the characteristics of the digital product matching the real one, complemented by suitable digital experiences.

Artificial Intelligence begins to create value

When rapid new ideas are needed, inspiration is crucial. AI, like in a brainstorming session, helps generate fresh ideas and refine one‘s concept. Designs can be created quickly, and unsuitable versions can be sorted out promptly. The right design can be replicated and further refined.

Fashion undergoes sustainable change

When design (3D) and production (2D) seamlessly connect, the apparel industry changes significantly. Design, pattern, and technical development can work more easily, sustainably, and cost-effectively, resulting in less fabric and fewer patterns throughout the process. The remarkable aspect is that this revolution requires minimal effort for individuals. Everyone can continue working in their familiar systems, and the integration of systems leads to a closer collaboration with clear results. Each digital design matches the real product, providing extra clarity that is particularly valuable for design teams, thanks to the benefits of digitization.


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