Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Bavaria

‘Fashion and Nature’: An Exhibition in the Handwerk Gallery, Munich

24. May 2021

With seven exhibitions a year, the Handwerk Gallery is devoted to conveying the outstanding skills of modern and traditional crafters, to highlight their significant contribution to society as well as give craft culture a clear presence in Munich. For their current spring exhibition, we are invited to explore the diverse relationship between fashion and nature, featuring a unique showcase of international designers, studios and artisans from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

The “Fashion and Nature” exhibition takes place from May 4th – June 12th 2021 in the Hardwerk Gallery, Munich.

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Nature is a topic that continues to inspire fashion. Its influence goes beyond the original provision of raw materials such as wool, silk and other natural fibers or fur, leather, and natural dyes. Ever new and amazing abundance of designs emerge inspired by nature, in floral prints, delicate embroideries, decorative elements made of feathers, artificial flowers and straw.

Another parallel is the fashion system itself, the approaches and goals of fashion to attract attention, advertise and stand out can be compared with behavioral patterns in nature. The original intention of fashion is to convey attributes such as splendour, wealth, social position and sexual attraction. These attributes can also be found in nature.


The cyclical change in fashion also follows that of the seasons in nature. In this way, on part of the exhibition shows natural motifs in designs by young designers as well as traditional techniques which have emerged from nature, such as fabric weaving, fabric printing and embroidery. Innovative and unusual creations from the field of traditional handicrafts such as those of flower makers and feather artisans are also presented. It is intended to remind of the decisive importance of these branches of handicrafts for fashion and the success of their creations. At the same time, the entire spectrum of inventiveness and imagination including the creative transfer performance, is documented.

Another focus is on new materials that are extracted from nature and used in fashion. Young designers are exploring the possibilities of algae, fungi, bacteria, and various natural fibers such as pineapple and cellulose. The range of experimentation is almost unlimited.

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Emilie Moutard Martin
Photo Credit: Eric Valdenaire

Matrix Basel
Photo Credit: Christian Metzler

Maiko Takeda
Photo Credit: Bryan Huynh

Regina Weber
Photo Credit: Marcus Paarmann