What’s behind the Knitcloud by N.I.O.?

It all started with The Girl and the Machine: an experimental brand around the idea of personalised knitwear. We were looking for an answer to today’s over-consumption that devalues garments and wears out our planet. 3D knitting is a way to produce clothes in one piece, without cutting, without seams and virtually without waste. Now The Girl has evolved into New Industrial Order (N.I.O.). We create digital designs that people can personalise, and produce only when a customer orders it. This way, the customer’s measurements, personal style and fit preferences are incorporated in the production process. It is the ultimate way of making clothes.

What is your vision and mission along the way to disrupt the fashion industry?

The word sustainability in every high-street brands collection does not stop the constant overproduction and too many clothes in our own closets. It is great that there are now lots of people who try to inspire other people to think and change their behaviour. However, being human ourselves, we know how hard it is to change one’s habits. That is why we focus on making the most sustainable, the absolute best and the most fun option imaginable. In the future, we empower people to create their own unique clothes. You decide what is made. Designers and brands will discover a whole new playing field and present amazing, mostly digital garments to communicate their vision. Digitalisation will ultimately make it possible to sell without big investments. Clever networks such as Knitcloud will be key in realizing a liveable balance on earth.

What can our visitors expect from your presentation at Keyhouse?

Knitcloud introduces the industry to the world of Knitting on demand. Creating a global network of knitting machines accessible for everyone. Knitcloud supports brands, designers and webshops by connecting virtual design, body measurement apps and virtual fitting solutions. And the most important we offer a Digital Tailoring System (DTS) and an On-demand Order System (ONOS). Therefore, Knitcloud will be the first open ecosystem for personalised 3D knitwear on demand in the world. At KEYHOUSE, visitors can experience how Knitcloud can be used from the consumers end.

What is more to tell about the product?

During our first experiments, we have made 200 bespoke pieces sold to 200 customers. The experiment was successful what confirmed our vision and made our belief stronger: 3D knitwear on demand is the future.

‘Making this possible on a large scale is a challenge. We are doing this not because it easy, but because it is hard and we are willing to accept this challenge.’

3D-knitwear on-demand requires a radical shift in the supply chain. This is difficult in the current fashion industry, where business models and processes are still focused on mass production. We will also present a showcase of our own new 3D-printed knitwear brand under the name of N.I.O.. Knitted to your size in our standard luxury 100% total-easy-care and extrafine Merino Wool from Baruffa. A jumper that ticks all the boxes of what makes everybody happy: it makes you look great, it is light to wear, soft to the skin, easy to care for. It also stands the test of time and is 100% reusable.

You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Autumn.Winter 20/21.

MUNICH FABRIC START: 3-5 of September 2019