Spring.Summer 2022 Material Highlights

9. April 2021

Take a closer look at the material highlights for Spring.Summer 22 in a diverse selection of menswear and suiting handpicked by the Munich Fabric Start trend team.

Comfort is key across mens tailoring, jackets and suits this season. Classic compositions are injected with blends of linen, wool-linen mix or cotton-linens to assume a more woollen and informal look with a softer feel. Flecked and slubbed yarns inject subtle irregularities in plains for a more natural look and feel. Varying weights and stretch lend these fabrics to both a modern, tailored look and feel as well as an oversized or loose fit.

Checks and stripes make a high impact, whether in the wider set windowpane or smaller set checks with high contrasts in darks and lights. Chalkstripes appear in new weights and heavily textured surfaces to embrace a kind of playfulness and visual boldness.

Ready to embrace the emotionally charged and exceptional Spring.Summer 22 season, our current exhibitor collections feature menswear and suiting fabrics in various handles, finishes, colour and blends.

Menswear and Suiting