Close colleagues and friends of the BLUEZONE and MUNICH FABRIC START team, Lucie Germser and Tilmann Wröbel are the dynamic denim duo at Monsieur-T Denim and Bottom’s Studio. In an interview with Carved in Blue, our favourite denim heads talk about the inspirations and unique circumstances which led them together to hold such a significant and authoritative role in the denim world.

Germser, Head of Communication & Design at the international design studio, and Wröbel, Creative Director, work together with our team of trend experts to define and curate the denim trends and information showcased at MUNICH FABRIC START’s denim dedicated trade fair BLUEZONE. Above offering their bespoke consultation services to our exhibitors and visitors, over the course of the two trade fair days at BLUEZONE, the pair regularly host relevant round tables as well as present the latest denim trend and information to our diverse audience.

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Lucie Germser, Head of Communication & Design at Monsieur-T
Tilmann Wröbel, Creative Director at Monsieur-T