It is time once more to reveal the new key visual which marks the start of a new season here at Munich Fabric Start. Over the last couple of months our team has uniquely interpreted and defined the trends and theme of our next show taking place February 4-6 2020. Read more about how trends are made at Munich Fabric Start 

Here we offer the first interpretations of the upcoming Spring.Summer 2021 season titled, THRIVABILITY which presents a season of flourishing respect for fashion, nature and people. Thrivability invites us both together and as individuals to focus on a higher level of quality and to shape our global and individual future with enthusiasm and confidence. The season Spring.Summer 21 surrounds itself by an aura of dynamic waves, radiates with evolutionary, energetic sustainability and shimmers in social, biological diversity.

The rapidly growing trend towards ecology allows a new entrepreneurial spirit of holistic awareness to flourish. It serves the customer’s longing for knowledge, creates transparency and stimulates textile education towards all directions. Continuous innovations and classic fashion trends are deep-rooted in an altruistic, inspiring way of thinking, they cultivate a progressive reorientation in the fields of materials, fashion and design.

Monsieur-T denim and graphic designer, Lucie Germser has over 20 years of experience in our industry and has beautifully represented the theme of the new season.

You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Spring.Summer 2021.

MUNICH FABRIC START: 4-6 February 2020

BLUEZONE: 4-5 February 2020