6 textile manufacturers that produce 100% in Germany

23. May 2022

It really still exists: the German local textile industry. The manufacturers who produce 100% in Germany. We present six of our exhibitors of the upcoming MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE, who embody MADE IN GERMANY down to the smallest detail.

Onshoring – Nearshoring – Off-/Farshoring?

The answer to this question depends of course on the location of the sourcing partner company. If both your fashion brand and your production partner are based in Germany, this stands for Onshoring par excellence. Because Onshoring describes the choice of a domestic production partner. Short value chains, short distances. While Nearshoring stands for relocation to nearby countries and Offshoring describes outsourcing to more distant areas, mostly outside of Europe.

Let’s look at these six exhibitors from German textile production: Dresdner Spitzen, Frohn HighTex Group, Handel & Diller, Kindermann, Maibom and Mehler Tuchfabrik.


DRESDNER SPITZEN has stood for quality and elegance from Saxony since 1884.

As a traditional family business with an innovative spirit, the German company develops sophisticated and sustainable lace and lace fabrics, as well as functional knitwear. At the fully integrated production site in Dresden, all production steps are combined under one roof, from design to raw material production, dyeing, finishing and finishing.

With a well-trained team, DRESDNER SPITZEN guarantees the highest quality in all areas. With the Standard 100 by OEKO TEX® and STeP by OEKO TEX® certificates, the top expert proves the long-term implementation of human-ecological product requirements, sustainable and ecological processes and compliance with social working conditions.


FROHN HighTex Group

FROHN HighTex Group produces fashionable and innovative textiles exclusively at the company’s location in Northern Bavaria, one of the most well-known German textile regions. The third-generation owner-managed company has a network of regional partner companies with first-class trained textile specialists.

Sustainability and resource reduction have been anchored in the corporate philosophy of the FROHN HighTex Group for much longer than this became a core topic of corporate strategies in general. FROHN is well positioned for the future and the fourth generation is in the starting blocks to continue the company with foresight, flexibility and a focus on innovative, functional textiles.

“Our aim is to be one of the best in our industry and we can only do this through our network and a qualitatively optimal supply chain with short distances to partner companies located around our northern Bavarian production site.”

— Wolfgang Frohn, General Manager




As a family-run company, Händel & Diller produces on the most modern large circular knitting machines at its own location in Balingen-Frommern on the Swabian Alb.

Subject to ecological and social responsibility, fabrics are created here for manufacturers of underwear, home and sportswear or for technical applications. The foundations of success are innovative and creative products, a pronounced customer orientation, good team spirit and a quality awareness that exists across all departments.

“We remain loyal to the southern German production site because local production corresponds to our social understanding and our ecological responsibility. With the know-how of our employees, the existing infrastructure offers quality advantages, the possibility of economical production and the supply of our customers with the highest possible process reliability. We want to guarantee our customers reliable supplies even in times of more complex supply chains.”

— Helmut Diller, General Manager



The Kindermann company, founded in 1885, is one of the last companies in Europe to refine corduroy fabrics at the Leutersdorf production site, making them stable and stretchable lengthwise and crosswise. Knitwear, technical fabrics and traditional workwear fabrics are also finished. Since 2007, one of the most modern processing locations in Germany has been built here and continuously developed.

The woven and knitted fabrics are sourced from sister company Cord & Velveton, also in Leutersdorf.

Kindermann has also been selling fabrics made from certified organic cotton for over 30 years. The company has also been certified according to the GOTS standard for several years.

With on-site production, Kindermann ensures fast and flexible deliveries and short supply chains.

“If we are faster, better and more reliable than the competition, then Germany is definitely justified as a location.”



Innovation, ability to deliver, quality and sustainability are the four pillars of the Maibom family business. The daily work is based on these pillars, as is the company’s future direction. The Maibom weaving mill refines cotton outer fabrics in blends for trousers at its Germany location, since cotton outer fabrics can be finished here under the highest quality and most sustainable conditions. Over the last few years, the company has positioned itself much more flexibly and can therefore compensate for seasonal fluctuations more easily.

Digital printing makes it possible to produce “on demand” flexibly and at short notice according to Eco Design standards and to react to certain market trends. Furthermore, the capsule “Made in Germany – woven and finished in Germany” sets new standards – a mixture of organic cotton from Turkey and Tencel is used.


“Only the finishing gives the fabric its special character.”

— Fabian Maibom, Management



Tuchfabrik Gebrüder MEHLER

As the oldest textile factory in Germany, Gebrüder MEHLER has been focusing on quality since 1644. The family business is now being run by the 11th generation.

From the fiber to the finished fabric and all with a great deal of passion and dedication.

The yarn for loden / cloth is produced in the spinning mill in Forst (Brandenburg) and the fabric is woven and finished in Tirschenreuth (Bavaria).

The clothing and interior fabrics made of pure wool are individual, customer-oriented and certified according to OEKO-TEX, GOTS and IVN.


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