CLO 6.0: the 3D design process of the future

17. December 2020

Our KEYHOUSE stands for innovation, trend development and digital pioneering. CLO Virtual Fashion was one of the futuristic exhibitors that presented their revolutionary developments in KEYHOUSE last February: the 3D visualisation of clothing.

CLO Virtual Fashion is a leading global provider of 3D simulation technologies for the clothing sector. The company looks back on over ten years of experience in research and development in the field of clothing simulation and sees its technology not only as a tool for developing virtual garments, but also as a platform to provide valuable data about clothing, designs and trends with the help of garment visualisations. CLO Virtual Fashion is an international company with offices in New York, Munich, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangalore.

Release of the new version 6.0


What we are particularly proud of: The innovative strength of our KEYHOUSE exhibitors cannot be stunted even by the challenges of a pandemic. We are therefore pleased to introduce you to the latest version 6.0 of CLO:

With the release of version 6.0, CLO has made the 3D design process faster, more accurate, more user friendly, more efficient and more seamless. With 6.0, CLO offers an incomparable solution for integrating a seamless digital end-to-end workflow. With the new cutting-edge features, designers can create virtual garments like never before.

One of the most revolutionary features of this version is Auto Sewing – which is exclusively available at CLO 6.0. This enables users to automatically sew their garments with just one click, which further shortens lead times. Other innovative new functions are also: Automatic Grading, whereby the cutting patterns can be adjusted based on the body shape and not just using the parametric size table. Grading Review enables users to check sizes at a glance. Pattern nesting minimizes fabric consumption for more efficient production and PBR format, which enables highly realistic fabric visualisation.

5 Auto Sewing
6 Print on Fabrics

Key Features of CLO 6.0

  • Grading Review:Compare garment and/or avatar grading in a single window.
  • Auto Sewing: Patterns are automatically sewn based on their placement on avatars.
  • Texture Editor:Express complex graphics by overlaying multiple images. When images repeat, create seamless graphics by editing their outlines while referring to the preview.
  • Print on Fabric: Print various patterns on fabric.
  • Render | Subsurface Scattering Material: Realistically express human skin. Subsurface scattering material penetrates and scatters under the objects’ surface. Utilise the material to illustrate leaves, fruit, candles and more.
  • Automatic Rigging & Converter: Add joints or convert user data to CLO avatars and use CLO Avatar Editor.
  • Schematic Rendering Style for Tech Pack: Render 3D garments into technical drawings for Tech Pack.
  • UV Editor Mode:Create UV maps of patterns, buttons and zippers as well as create normal, rough and metallic alpha maps.

3 new integration partners for CLO 6.0

Besides the updates of the key features, CLO 6.0 also convinces thanks to three new integration partners: JeanologiaSubstance and ColorDigital.

CLO Virtual Fashion has partnered with Substance by Adobe, tool to creat 3D textures, Jeanologia, the Spain based company specialising in finishing technology solutions for denim and ColorDigital, pioneer in uniform and efficient colour and surface communication, for the release of CLO 6.0. These exciting integrations allow brands and designers to achieve a desired and flawless workflow by optimizing the entire 3D design process from start to finish and enabling them to create sustainable digital designs that are an exact 1:1 representation of the physical end product.

“By providing practical and seamless workflows with Substance by Adobe, Jeanologia and ColorDigital, CLO users can now extend their design continuity to its fullest with their much loved applications. We are thrilled to work with accredited partners to bring augmented value to our users.”

Simon Kim, CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion

Jeanologia makes it possible to import washing files of the eDesigner

Import various types of washing libraries and JEAN files and apply them to garments as graphics. JEAN files are from the eDesigner application by Jeanologia which provides a laser washing solution.

“Today more than ever we need to implement digitisation in our industry. Design, digital collection and 3D virtual reality are going to be key to recovery. With the integration of eDesigner and CLO, we are able to make the dreams of designers a reality by connecting designers with wash developers and brands with manufacturers. It will be a complete transformation in the jeans industry.”

Josep Maria Carbonell, Software Developer Director Jeanologia

Create fully customisable materials with Substance by Adobe & X-Rite AXF

Import SBSAR files by Substance, the leading software solution for 3D digital materials, allowing you to download luxury materials with infinite texture variations or create fully customisble materials from scratch or via a scan, with complete authoritative control. In addition, import AxF files by X-Rite, a tool that generates realistic fabrics via various maps extracted from 3D fabric scanning.

“We are excited to collaborate with CLO and empower designers to push the fashion industry forward with 3D technology that expands the definition of what’s possible. The Substance integration unlocks the ability to iterate on materials instantly, present photorealistic designs, and discard unwanted prototypes without any waste. CLO designers are guaranteed an unprecedented level of control and realism and we are eager to see what they will create.”

Francois Cottin, Director of 3D & AR Marketing, Adobe

Use materials and colours of ColorDigital

Simply click and drag materials or colours from Color Digital’s DMIx cloud, and apply them to CLO’s garments.DMIx Cloud manages different forms of digitised materials, accessories and colours.

“With this partnership we enable the 3D Artist to use the libraries by their suppliers with a simple drag and drop of the material from the DMIx Cloud© directly on to their creations. This being done while keeping the full DMIx© quality in terms of color and PBR Standard based material. This enables a holistic approach of digital product development between brands and vendors on a common standard including master data, by using the most advanced raw material and trims solution in conjunction with the leading 3D garment technology.”

Gerd Willschütz, COO, ColorDigital

Be curious about the innovations that will be presented at our upcoming shows!