Soorty, as a pioneer in technological advances, resource-saving processes as well as state of the art production methods and denim innovations, presents a range of new technological developments for the new Autumn.Winter 20/21 season. The Pakistani denim manufacturer has already received the HighTex Award, the innovation prize at MUNICH FABRIC START, for their overall strategic, responsible and sustainable corporate policy.

One of the key topics at Soorty is FIX-D, one of the world’s first waterless textile dyeing technologies. FIX-D was developed at the NASDA Innovation Lab and expanded with Soorty Denim Mill & Soorty Garment Factories. FIX-D ensures a sustainable and environmentally friendly finishing process due to extremely fast dyeing solutions.
In addition, Soorty offers a range of timeless classics with authentic laser-based vintage washes.
Also in a vintage look are rustic denim types as ‘Neo Pioneers‘ with classic twill weave in various winter white colours, from clear white to elegant ecru.

In a new collaboration with Lola Poelio, the denim specialist launch the collection Lola x Roxy for Soorty, with a new approach to the recycling of textile remnants. Playful, colourful and in a young look. The capsule collection is made only from resourced materials, wastage fabrics and rejected samples as well as other resourced materials.

The focus for Autumn.Winter 20/21 is also on recycling. As the owner of a state-of-the-art recycling facility, Soorty increasingly also uses leftover industrial waste within its product range. The recycled denim fabrics from Soorty have different blending ratios that can range from 5% to 25%, and in individual cases far more. This results in fabrics with various material combinations, weight classes and elasticity levels that meet the target groups’ specific demands in terms of look and feel of the new collection.

Get up close and personal with BLUEZONE, one of the world’s largest denim shows featuring over 100 leading international denim & sportswear suppliers for Fabrics and Additionals.

You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Autumn.Winter 20/21.

BLUEZONE: 3-4 of September 2019
MUNICH FABRIC START: 3-5 of September 2019