The prints for Spring.Summer 23? Colorful, loud and flowery!

DESIGN STUDIOS Spring.Summer 23 #1

4. January 2022

Although MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE in the end of January can’t be realised anymore, we want to give our beloved exhibitors and long-term partners the chance to present their collections for Spring.Summer 23. We are going to present some of the most inspiring developments, prints and innovations in all our areas: FABRICS, ADDITIONALS, BLUEZONE, DESIGN STUDIOS, SOURCING & KEYHOUSE.

And today, we are starting with the colorful, flowery and loud collections of our DESIGN STUDIOS.

BUREAUX BO - Design Studio

For Spring.Summer 23, BUREAUX BO – Design Studio offers an energetic, colorful and dynamic collection that makes you feel future optimism. It’s time to enjoy timeless geometry with unique color combinations, feel the beautiful imperfection of hand-painted flowers or explore the refreshing and playful tropical world.

1st trend: timeless but stylish – Graphic simplicity and abstract prints with vibrant color combinations give optimism for the future of feel-good fashion.

2nd trend: beautifully imperfect – Get inspired by the imperfect shapes of our large selection of hand-painted flowers and organic shapes. Let’s be natural artists!

3rd trend: refreshing and playful – These cheerful tropical prints add a splash of color to the collection. Let’s be brave again!

DG Print Mosaidis

The DG Print Mosaidis Spring.Summer 23 collection has been inspired by the explosive desires for colors and printings, trying to influence women’s vibes and give them the boost to express themselves by getting in a sunny, enthusiastic mood.

LICA Design Studio

With the Spring.Summer 23 collection, LICA takes you on vacation, to sunny places and glowing sea-depths. The light in the North is different, they say. From the beach you look onto the sea and search for the horizon. But the sky and sea merge into one. You are wrapped in stillness. Enjoy the summer to the fullest with the new LICA summer 23 collection.