SS 2022 Trend Analysis: Edu Action

8. March 2021

WE ARE ALL IN is our overall theme for this season, which encompasses the four major trend themes for prêt-à-porter plus a concentrate forecast for denim. With this we recognize the exceptional situation we all will face this year which makes season a very emotional one.

Our Spring.Summer 22 trends are a mixture between romantic and melancholy influences with real and imaginary places filled with ambition and inspiration. To get started, let us briefly introduce you to the 5 trend themes of the WE ARE ALL IN TREND FORECAST and represented in the DIGITAL TREND SPACE as 5 distinct exhibition rooms:

STAGING NATURE – nature becomes our backdrop while we orchestrate and define ourselves in landscapes.

EDU ACTION – stands for education and takes action to empower us as we reflect on meaningful protests and high-tech remedies.

ADVANCED REDUCTION – champions minimalism with progressive performance basics.

HAUTE NOSTALGIA – reflects on romanticised memories of the past to bring together different heights over the decades.

At BLUEZONE we embark on a journey through time, from the traditional indigo legacy to contemporary objectivity and the vision of a phygital hybrid denim world.



Our second trend space, EDU ACTION, stands for education and taking action. It’s about social and political engagement to harness the courage and also the anger needed to make a difference. With movements like Black Lives Matter or Extinction Rebellion, our society is shaped by people who really stand up for what they believe in and take it to the streets.

At the same time, it is also about new education methods that are currently emerging: Keywords such as Infotainment or so called Arctivists, a group of activists and artists that show how necessity encourages inventive, how teaching and learning encourage creative.


EDU ACTION speaks for a generation that stands up for something. Not only is this revolutionary in the sense of protest, but also in terms of education and teaching methods.

The current crisis serves as inspiration for new developments and design: for one thing, the focus is on the creativity that emerges. New digital approaches such as digital fashion shows and sports events are realised in large numbers within a few months.

It is also about the sense of community, achieving something together that was previously unthinkable: be it through various collaborations or solidarity projects between competitors or the reinvention of communal spaces for the general public, such as converting parking spaces into restaurant terraces in our cities.


EDU ACTION’s colour palette consists of very active, intense colours with a kind of radiance that spreads optimism. Powerful, sporty colours on one side meet more neutral, stable colours on the other side. The key colour of EDU ACTION is an intense mango yellow, with black as the base colour and recycled mid-tones from asphalt to an aquatic tone serving as the foundation.


The winner of this year’s Grand Prix du Festival d’Hyéres couldn’t be more contrary to the very minimalist designers of past seasons: The Belgian designer and revolutionist Tom Van Der Borght creates his loud collection from recycled materials. The Hyères jury wants to set a positive example for creativity and sustainability.


When it comes to materials, EDU ACTION combines local production, high performance, positive messages and recycling. Slogans are an important element in spreading optimism and encouraging the community. Prints are inspired by new experiences from lockdown and the distinctive recycled grey is omnipresent.

There is an enormous need for real contact again and we now meet in a ‘phygital’ space which exists between the physical and digital worlds. We strive to come together again, to see each other and use our tactile senses. With this, we find new ways to connect and pave the way for positive, hopetimistic progress, because this is the only way forward.

To bridge the gap between physical and digital interaction we have created this 3D digital trend space for you to explore.