An Interview with Simon Angel, Curator of Sustainable Innovations

26. August 2021

We’re proud to announce the next edition of Sustainable Innovations Forum with soon take place at MUNICH FABRIC START from 31/08 – 02/09/2021 in the MOC, Munich. The inspiring showcase offers sustainable sourcing solutions with a strong focus on alternative design and manufacturing processes. Meant to encourage and support a new way of thinking and approach to sustainable textiles it also provides a unique opportunity for collaboration and conversation.

Holistic, sustainable solutions are presented in the newly designed ReSOURCE X SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS area for the first time together at the show. The close interaction of the innovation platforms offers orientation, depth of information and specific application options for the sourcing of future-oriented textiles.

Where will ReSOURCE X SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS be found at MUNICH FABRIC START? >> Foyer Hall 4, rooms K3 & K4

The new topic for this season is about scale. What’s it all about exactly?

That’s right. Each edition of our Sustainable Innovations Forum draws attention to innovations that are inspiring and shaping the industry. For the past decade, the focus has been on how designers and smaller brands could enter ‘the bigger system’ and connect with the rest of the industry. Now the focus has shifted and we are entering a new phase –the topic on everyone’s lips this year is what we can call: “Suscalability”. We already have a feeling of how the market can grow, but the questions we’re asking now are: What is the best way to grow? What does growing mean in the content of the future? How can we scale up in a responsible way? Suscalability is made up of sustainability and scalability. Ultimately, it is a balance between conscious consuming and how companies will grow their strategies in a sustainable and challenging way.

So, it’s just about growth?

Among other things, It’s more about the questions: What am I doing for whom? All brands and projects are asking themselves this question in their own context. They want to measure their own craftsmanship and skills. Suscalability is about the value of awareness, about mindful growth. There are three types of growth: horizontal, vertical and multidimensional. Vertical growth is about the product itself. Horizontal growth is about the company’s right to be part of the market. And then there is the multidimensional level, which is about the growth of the value itself and how to integrate that value into the whole production process. Suscalability is a three dimensional concept that includes all three forms. Producers need to make decisions to help them reach this point of growth – that’s the challenge.

Simon Angel, Curator of Sustainable Innovations
Fixing Fashion by Alicia Minaard
New Blue by Tim van der Loo and Sandra Nicoline Nielsen
Seaweed Design by Violaine Buet

Why do we need a different approach to growth?

In the past, most companies only chose between horizontal or vertical growth. After years of growth, the question now is: how big can a brand get while remaining flexible? The scale of a company becomes either a problem or a challenge. Big companies are struggling with how to get smaller again. In my opinion, that is the reason why so many brands are launching sub-brands and collaborations at the moment. This is the only way for bigger companies to descale and deliver again. Being big is the problem – the big brands can no longer create real value from this large scale and therefore cannot break out of this vicious circle.

What do you want to achieve with your selection of brands at Munich Fabric Start’s Sustainable Innovations Forum?

Once again we aimed to capture and feel the heartbeat of the market and the work of the designers. Every project is unique and tells its own story within the larger context about the possibilities of sustainable textiles and approaches. From recycled fabrics to fashion made of dog hair to platforms for recycling and upcycling: the brands are demonstrating exactly what I was just talking about –. how to create value from a textile, how to achieve slow and mindful growth with a sustainable idea and how to earn your place in the fashion industry. But most importantly: How to reconnect the user with the resource in order to restore value. The focus on suscalability aims to encourage Sustainable Innovations visitors to interact, immerse themselves and be inspired. We want to motivate people to get involved and start thinking about new approaches.

Modus Intarsia by Ann Cathrin Schönrock und Franziska Uhl
Fixing Fashion by Alicia Minaard
Textielstad Enschede by Annemiek Koster

Tue, 31/08, 9.30am – 6.30pm

Wed, 01/09, 9.30am – 6.30pm

Thu, 02/09, 9.30am – 4.00pm

MOC Munich

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80939 Munich


Tue, 31/08, 9.30am – 6.30pm

Wed, 01/09, 9.30am – 6.30pm

Zenith Area
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80939 Munich




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