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Sustainable Sourcing with ReSOURCE


21. December 2020

Every season we see new sustainable novelties and extended eco ranges popping up among many of the collections showcased at our shows. As the majority of manufacturers who join us for any given season will say, if they hope to satisfy the global urgency for sustainable products, it is crucial to focus on sustainability along the whole supply chain.

Of course, we wouldn’t leave it to our visitors to find all the sustainable components they require among some 1000 manufacturers across all four halls in the MOC, Munich. This is why we established ReSOURCE in 2018 as the follower of the previous Organic Selection area to provide our guests with a convenient and efficient selection of responsible fabrics and trims. Making it possible to discover a diverse and fresh showcase of sustainable products all in one inspiring location. Our area for sustainable sourcing has grown into a space where teams discover new possibilities in the world of responsible fashion and textiles.

At each edition of ReSOURCE, visitors can meet with our experts from international certification organisations, IVN, GOTS and OEKO-TEX. The certification seals offered by the independent certifications ensure credibility and build consumer confidence that they are supporting sustainable textile production among many other things. Discover their most frequently asked questions here.

As well as offering textile solutions for a circular economy, visitors can also discover the latest innovations created with resource saving technologies, environmentally friendly processes as well as non-harmful technologies for wet processing. With further developments in vegan leathers and accessories and plastic free packaging solutions also on showcase with ReSOURCE.

With approximately 800 articles, ReSOURCE presents the latest in sustainable fabric, leather, packaging, threads and accessory solutions in recycled, organic, GOTS, regenerated cellulosics, bioplastics and leather alternatives among many more sustainable qualities. The established collection features more than 40 unique certificates to certify their sustainable qualities with new showcases including a biobased PA stretch fabrics by Brugnoli Giovanni, leathers made of reclaimed and recycled leathers by Raus S., a new range of cupro fabrics by Ipeker in varying weights and colours plus a broad selection in certified organics by Life Clothes, Marzotto Wool and Hornung and many more.

Brugnoli Giovanni
Raus S.
Life Clothes
Marzotto Wool
Hornung Textile Agency

Trims, accessories and labelling solutions come with a range of certifications, often showcasing the latest novelty such as biodegradable labels infused with sunflower seeds by Könen Additionals which can be planted and used to grow your own flowers after use. The vegan leather made of pineapple by We Nordic who also produce labels made of Bagasse, the waste product in sugar refinement processes. With many suppliers many suppliers including, Estro, Union Knopf and Nilorn offering a range of buttons made of natural materials such as shell, horn, wood, coconut and plants.

We Nordic
Union Knopf
Könen Additionals

Many exciting updates coming soon to the ReSOURCE online sourcing platform.