In the ever-changing denim industry, weaving mills, producers and manufacturers are now more than ever in direct contact with consumers and need to develop their marketing and communication skills in a way akin to jeans brands. Until recently, an invisible border separated the players in the jeans industry from end consumers. Today’s open-minded and curious customers now demand transparency not only from brands, but also from producers. At the same time, brands are transferring more and more responsibility. It is precisely in this interactivity that the new connection for interaction with end consumers lies.
Blockchain, transparent distribution concepts and social media together build new standards that the industry itself must set. Weaving mills and manufacturers are part of an ALL RELATED chain of global value shifts in society.

‘With BLUEZONE as one of the largest international denim trade fairs, a platform has been created that brings together experts who are invited to pass on their know-how. This is where networking takes on a new dimension. New communication channels, transparent production chains and changing consumer behaviour present the denim industry with fundamental challenges, but at the same time also offer great opportunities for a future-oriented BLUE Industry’
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

“With the ALL RELATED COLLAB Project we go one step further. This project is an unprecedented initiative whereby 23 BLUEZONE exhibitors have joined forces with designers to create an innovative vision of denim.”
Lucie Germser, Head of Communication & Design,

The ALL RELATED COLLAB PROJECT at BLUEZONE is a central showcase of how future collaborations can and will look like. This powerful initiative pools creativity, cooperation, transparency and responsibility. International designers, fabric suppliers, additionals manufacturers and producers have split up into 8 teams and realised their vision of a sustainable denim silhouette.


Designers, weavers, producers and washers work together to create trend-related outfits in a transparent and eco-friendly manufacturing process. Each designer selects one of the eight trend themes and creates an outfit with their own unique interpretation of fabrics, treatments and trims.


LONG LASTING : A highlight for durable and slow denim products that helps to reduce over consumption.

DENIM BORDERLINE : A fashion territory where denim and non-denim shake hands.

URBAN ZULU : Tribal and African accents in an urban environment.

SARTORIAL ANGLE : On a journey to exact, tailor-made denims – where tradition meets the future.

JUVENILE AWKWARD : Generation Z has its own beauty codes, especially when it comes to design & denim, discover the beauty of awkward aesthetics.

ROCKERS DELIGHT : You thought the rock’n’roll taste is only a has-been? Luxury brands prove that it’s not true.

TEXT ME : Denim with a message, a message that is LOUD! Handwritten, printed, painted, woven or embroidered – make your statements!

GENDER FREEDOM : Ladies denim for men, men’s denim for women. The new future for gender freedom.

Get up close and personal with BLUEZONE, one of the world’s largest denim shows featuring over 100 leading international denim & sportswear suppliers for Fabrics and Additionals.

You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Autumn.Winter 20/21.

BLUEZONE: 3-4 of September 2019
MUNICH FABRIC START: 3-5 of September 2019