The release of our new key visual marks the start of a new season here at Munich Fabric Start. Over the last few months our team has uniquely interpreted and defined the trends and theme for the upcoming Autumn.Winter 20/21 season. Read more about how trends are made at Munich Fabric Start.

BEYOND AWARE presents a season which is free to explore the ways our world and fashion are changing, proving they are on a new path where everything is connected. Describing a season which is ready to embrace and be part of a new world exploring and developing the relationship between fashion and our planet, through awareness of the beyond.

The designer Julia Boll, at Stein Communication with over 10 years of experience as a graphic designer, has beautifully translated the theme of the new season BEYOND AWARE. Here she tells us more about her thought process and inspirations for this new project.

As a designer, I like to be inspired by as many things as possible. Of course, it always depends on what the specific task requires. Sometimes I am inspired by colors, shapes, newfound objects or it can also be photos and illustrations. I am someone who enjoys spending their free time drawing, mostly of funny characters, which I also then screenprint.

The final design actually came together from two very different designs. I liked the idea of incorporating soap bubbles because it is just not so “spiritual” but fragile. And yet it still transported the topic pretty well. Soap bubbles are cheerful and light and fly very calmly but always with the wind. In addition, they can quickly burst irretrievably, you cannot grab them and although they appear clear they still display many beautiful colors. A bit like thoughts or feelings, but also like fashion. The background of the key visual had been part of another graphic. It works well because it reflects a lot of power while also reflecting an expression of the fast-moving, digitalization as well as the idea that a lot of things are happening and developing in different directions. Many energies are released and you still do not know where to go. Let you guide yourself, beyond aware!

We are looking forward to a great new season!