Thomas Behuret Atelier Marion Chopineau, FR

On the last evening of the MUNICH FABRIC START, Thursday, 5 September 2019, the exhibition “The workshops of haute couture” opens its doors at 6.30 pm in the Galerie Handwerk in Munich.

The exhibition presents those fields of art that contribute significantly to the magic, the reputation and the fascination of haute couture. There are also three companies present at the MUNICH FABRIC START: Rosenfelder Knopffabrik, Tissage des Chaumes and Maison Sophie Hallette. Rosenfelder stands for high-quality products and for new developments in the area of buttons and additives. Buttons from Rosenfeld adorn the haute couture collections of Chanel and Chloé as well as other renowned fashion houses. Production takes place in Germany. Tissage des Chaumes is a recognized textile company with unique expertise in luxury hand weaving. In its more than 100 years of existence, the company has become an icon for all luxury brands around the world. The story of Sophie Hallette’s house was woven in collaboration with the top names of 20th-century haute couture, and continues to this day with young couture and contemporary designers. For more than 130 years, the House of Sophie Hallette has passionately and persistently created unparalleled tulle and laces designs that inspire haute couture, ready-to-wear, decorative and luxury lingerie designers from around the world.

In total, 26 companies are involved in the exhibition. The different areas are presented such as artificial flowers, feathers, pleats, buttons, borders, embroidery, lace, leather processing, fabric design and refinement as well as weaving, knitting, braiding. In addition, works from the ateliers of couture, the hat maker and shoe designers are presented. The aim of the exhibition is to support both the continuation of these traditions and to document the pursuit of new paths and innovations. The exhibition broadens and concerns the individual, hand-stitched production of fashion and accessories in general. In addition to couture ateliers from Munich, other ateliers from Germany, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy will be presented.
The Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria is the largest chamber of trade within Germany, in which craft businesses of different trades are organized. Munich is the only one of the German Chambers of Crafts that has its own gallery.
The exhibition runs until 5 October 2019 in the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria, in Max-Joseph-Straße 4 in 80333 Munich.